We at Connectbrand believe in working together as a team for the common goal. Support is what you will get and we are the only ones in this industry to have this unique route to market, every business in the UK is a potential client and the best part is they repeat orders on a regular basis. Fast... Read More

Who Are Connectbrand?

Connectbrand Franchise Opportunity

Connectbrand is a British company that provides all aspects of branded clothing, we take pride in bringing clients ideas to life and providing a smart, modern approach to this profitable industry.

Connectbrand has been created to bring a wealth of knowledge within this industry together, our awareness is second to none with decades of history and an utter desire to lead this industry with new and innovative marketing ideas. Our main objective is to bring a face to face approach which gives the personnel whilst eliminating the worry that clients have of how do I get my logo onto my chosen garments.

We pride ourselves on listening to clients needs and delivering a one stop shop for professional branded clothing. We have an extensive range of clothing to suit all types of businesses and individuals, whether they are a tradesman that needs more heavy duty garments or a dentist that needs crisp white tunics, we accommodate everyone’s needs.

The Package

Included in our Black Package for just £3,995 + VAT:

Connectbrand Franchise Opportunity

  • Unlimited territory
  • Operations manual
  • Pathway to success
  • CRM system
  • Training manual
  • Corporate email
  • Corporate websit
  • Corporate clothing
  • Social media launch
  • Overnight accommodation (training paid for)
  • Stationary flyers, cards
  • Ongoing support
  • Facility to take on other agents
  • Full sample bag
  • Facility to take on other partners
  • Store credit to cover first £1000 of sales
  • Facility to place stands in shops

We are also offering an add-on training bundle – 2 days on site training with a manager to show you how we do it live in your area, the orders we get will be your orders, this package is £500. All prices are plus vat.

Trade Stands

We at Connectbrand believe in pushing the boundaries within our industry and finding alternative routes to markets to enhance sales for our ever-growing network of franchisees. With this in mind we have developed trade stands.

Connectbrand Franchise Opportunity

These stands are placed into carefully selected sites by us. The sites represent a high traffic of businesspeople that buy branded clothing. Sites will include independent building merchants to cover tradesman , garden nurseries for landscaper’s, and wholesales of a variety of products like car parts that deal with all garages in your area.

The stands will have leaflets with them with the franchisee details on to help with the orders, or a section were potential clients can leave their business cards and franchisees can pick them up on a weekly basis and then sort the order out.

On a very conservative basis we have demonstrated that the stands generate a minimum of £1000 per annum income per stand. The site that holds the stand will also get a minimum of £1000 per annum so all parties do benefit.

We have created an add on package to your franchisee fee that can be taken at any time.

  • 20 stands £2500
  • 50 stands £5995
  • 100 stands £11500

All prices are plus vat.

Earnings Potential

 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Sales income £35,000 £52,000 £75,000
Overheads £5,000 £7,500 £12,000
Net income £30,000 £44,500 £63,000

Next Steps

If you think a Connectbrand franchise would be a perfect fit for you and would like to know more, then please fill in the form. We will be in-touch with you shortly to send you more information.

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