First Class Learning is the ideal franchise for those who want to operate their own rewarding business that helps children excel in maths and English. Our programmes are designed to align with the National Curriculum.

First Class Learning Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the First Class Learning Franchise or have used the First Class Learning business services in the past.

Raxita is a very efficient professional and conscientious teacher. She has a passion for teaching and cares very much for each child and the attention to detail for each individual is very apparent. I’m very pleased with the progress my child has made to date.

Jayshree Varsani

I love working with you. I wish you were my teacher all the time!

Jacob (age 7)

My daughter started First Class Learning in Weston Super Mare after a parents meeting at school around October. The meeting made me decide to look for extra help for my daughter's progress in school. I am glad to say that when we had another parents meeting at school after 6 months, her school teacher was surprised about my daughter's progress. I recommend FCL for any child that needs extra help for maths and English. Thank you Rachel for helping my daughter.

Nevin Ibrahim

The FCL model works and the product is superb. This allows me to stand in front of potential customers and hands on heart tell them that we will succeed with their child.

FCL Northampton

I started my son at FCL Blackburn a year ago when he was targeted for level 3 in year 6. He ended up on level 5. What a turnaround!


My centre is running very well. I believe I have it to a 'T' to suit my lifestyle. Thank you! It's a nippy little business which I am fortunate to be a part of!

FCL Uxbridge

My daughter has got top maths end of year results. I am extremely proud of her achievements throughout the year. Thank you Neela at FCL Tooting for all the support given.


My eight year-old son is about to have a poem published which he wrote at school. Thanks to FCL Kidderminster he has more confidence, super handwriting and a fabulous future!


I like coming to the Maths Club as I can do all my tables and do division with remainders. I also like doing fractions because it is fun. The Maths Club has made me better at Maths.

Nathanial McDonald – Year 5

First Class Learning has made a real difference to Nils. Before he joined FCL he struggled a lot with maths and was not motivated because he found it hard to follow the lessons in school. FCL taught him to work independently, gave him the confidence he needed, and brought him up to the expected level – and even beyond. At the end of the last school year he finished top of his math group and moved up to a higher set.

Prof Joern Dosch (Leeds)

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