Join a fun, exciting and growing market with a Hemera Holidays franchise! Hemera Holidays began in December 2014 and has transformed into a thriving holiday business with over 60 properties and almost £1m generated in holiday sales.

Franchise Opportunity

With over 165,000 rental properties generating over £2bn of revenue, the UK holiday rental market continues to grow. The Hemera Holidays franchise starts with a simple concept – incredible properties and an incredible level of service. All our properties are of the highest standard and that’s why customers book with us again and again.

With our innovative services, we’ve created a business model that generates high levels of interest and more importantly, incredible levels of sales! We’ve worked hard to develop systems to make sure that we recruit the right type of people and by giving them the right training and support, we know they will be successful.

Benefits of a Hemera Holidays Franchise

  • Expertise and experience: You will benefit from the wealth of experience that we have gained over many years. Our founder Wendy Taylor has huge amounts of experience in the marketing and property sector. She knows what customers are looking for and how properties can be promoted to get the most out of the holiday season.
  • Strong brand: We have an incredibly good website and a very strong online presence, making us one of the leading competitors in the holiday lettings sector. We know that we can do this on a national scale with the right franchisees.
  • Strong market: The UK holiday lettings sector continues to grow, and this offers a great business opportunity for franchisees who are looking to enter the market.
  • Flexibility: The business model has been developed as a ‘management format franchise’ with the role of the franchisee being the manager of the business as well as the deliverer of the Hemera Holidays services.
  • Repeat business: Another advantage to this type of business model is potential for growth through repeat business. Customers who enjoy their holidays, will come back for multiple bookings and with potentially thousands of properties, you could have a customer for life!
  • Financial Rewards: Our franchise format is a simple and very effective business model that offers great financial rewards.

As a Hemera Holidays franchisee, you will have an active involvement in the business to ensure that it develops in line with its potential and to maximise the financial return. For us, the franchisee is the main driving force behind the business.

We’ve developed a comprehensive package of pre-opening support for all our franchisees. It’s all based upon our own experiences and has the aim of getting your business up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Rights to use the exclusive Hemera Holidays brand name within your territory.
  • Access to our detailed financial models.
  • A comprehensive induction training programme.
  • Full onsite opening support.
  • Assistance and help with identifying suitable properties to add to your local portfolio.
  • Marketing and promotional launch support.
  • Initial supply of branded marketing materials.
  • Detailed listing on our website,
  • Access to and use of the comprehensive Hemera Holidays franchise operations manual.
  • A five-year franchise agreement with a right to renew at the end of the term.

Sound Advice

As part of the franchise development work, we have taken advice from The Franchise Company – a firm of British Franchise Association affiliated consultants who carried out detailed development work to give us the right information and advice on how to build our franchise network. With nearly 30 years franchise experience, we know their advice is sound and commercially valuable.

Protected Territory

Every franchisee gets a protected territory which they will have responsibility to develop. We have based these locations on suitability for long term franchise development, taking into account the potential for holiday properties. We want you to have an area that you can service, develop and grow over the coming years.

Franchise Promotion

Franchisees will be responsible for the local marketing of their business within their territory, with assistance from head office. Much of the success of a franchise depends upon the local marketing and awareness building. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of local marketing. It’s easy, because we’ve done it many times before!

Ongoing Support

We know that a well supported franchisee is more likely to run a successful business. Our support is built into every stage of your investment, from the moment we have the initial meeting, through to the first time you open your franchise and ongoing, as you build and grow your business with us. This ongoing support includes:

  • Regular field visits by head office to help you run your franchise successfully.
  • Ongoing brand development activities.
  • Operational advice re the day to day running of your franchise.
  • Assistance with problem solving including dealing with both customers and property owners.
If a Hemera Holidays franchise sounds ideal for you, simply complete the form below to find out more! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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