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Logiscool provides cutting-edge coding education for children and teenagers, igniting their passion for technology and innovation through hands-on courses. As proud members of the International Franchise Association, we bring globally recognised expertise to local communities ... Read More


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Logiscool presents a pioneering opportunity for prospective franchisees in the UK seeking to join a globally recognised educational network. Established in 2014 by Dr. Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitári in Budaörs Hungary,  Logiscool has redefined digital literacy, artificial intelligence, and programming education through its experiential-based approach.

Logiscool Franchise

Logiscool excels as a global authority in educating children on digital literacy, artificial intelligence, and programming. Our offerings include meticulously structured beginner and advanced courses, engaging summer camps, and dynamic workshops tailored for ages 6-18. With a steadfast belief in the pivotal role of digital literacy in shaping prosperous futures, Logiscool ensures comprehensive coverage across a diverse spectrum of subjects. From both introductory and advanced studies in artificial intelligence and foundational programming languages to immersive experiences in Minecraft and Roblox, from explorations in gaming to hands-on robotics, digital illustration, 3D design, app development, and YouTube content creation, Logiscool's programs cater to the multifaceted interests and aspirations of young learners.

Our mission is clear: to democratise access to programming and digital literacy for students worldwide. Through innovative, creative methodologies and proprietary platforms, Logiscool has garnered international acclaim, earning multiple prestigious awards and establishing itself as a multi-award-winning international franchise.

Today, Logiscool boasts an impressive footprint, having imparted knowledge to nearly 220,000 children across 5 continents, spanning over 30 countries and 200 locations. Our commitment to excellence and the efficacy of our Hungarian teaching method underscores our leadership in the field of children's digital education.

Logiscool is globally acknowledged for its proactive efforts in fostering the early development of digital skills and promoting safe internet practices. Furthermore, Logiscool stands as a trailblazer in the introduction of artificial intelligence concepts to young learners. As early as 2021, well in advance of the advent of ChatGPT, Logiscool initiated AI education within its courses, camps, and workshops. These initiatives not only provide comprehensive insights into AI mechanics but also impart practical knowledge on its utilization across diverse domains including text generation, text-image and text-sound synthesis, artistic endeavors such as drawing and music composition, and the creation of interactive chatbots.

Logiscool Franchise

The curriculum, which conveys 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, logical, analytical, and critical thinking, can also be integrated into schools' curriculum for digital literacy. The goal is not only to impart programming skills but also to prepare a digitally fluent generation for successful navigation in a technology-centric future.

Our proprietary educational platform, Scoolcode, revolutionises the teaching of programming by making it engaging, interactive, and most importantly tailored to the knowledge of each age group. It also offers a methodology for super easy transition from visual coding to text coding. 

Meanwhile, MyLogiscool, our unique edutaining community portal provides a secure online community where students can collaborate and enhance their skills beyond the classroom.

By joining forces with Logiscool, you'll not only contribute to the advancement of digital literacy but also position yourself at the forefront of AI education. Our pioneering initiatives, such as introducing AI concepts to younger learners, exemplify our commitment to innovation and future readiness.

Collaborating with Logiscool provides access to unmatched support, expertise, and resources, including the chance to engage in partnerships with prestigious educational institutions such as EtonX, the innovative branch of Britain's renowned Eton College.

Join us in empowering the next generation for success in the digital age. Contact us today to discuss available territories and explore the exciting possibilities of becoming a Logiscool franchisee.

Why Choose Logiscool?

  1. Globally Recognised Brand: Joining Logiscool means becoming part of a globally recognised brand with a strong reputation in children's digital education.
  2. Proven Success: Logiscool has a track record of success, with numerous awards and accolades highlighting its effectiveness in imparting digital literacy and programming skills to students worldwide.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Logiscool offers a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of topics, ensuring that franchisees can cater to the diverse interests and needs of their students.
  4. Innovative Teaching Methodologies: Logiscool employs innovative teaching methodologies, making learning engaging, interactive, and enjoyable for students.
  5. Exclusive Platforms: Franchisees gain access to Logiscool's proprietary educational platforms, such as Scoolcode and MyLogiscool, which enhance the learning experience and provide additional resources for students.
  6. Flexibility: Logiscool offers flexibility in terms of course delivery, with options for in-person and online education, allowing franchisees to adapt to the preferences and demands of their local market.
  7. Support and Training: Logiscool provides comprehensive support and training for franchisees, ensuring they have the necessary resources and expertise to succeed in their business ventures.
  8. Networking Opportunities: Franchisees have the opportunity to network with other educators and professionals in the Logiscool community, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  9. Partnerships: Logiscool facilitates partnerships with esteemed educational institutions, such as EtonX, providing additional opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  10. Impactful Work: By becoming a Logiscool franchisee, individuals have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children by equipping them with essential digital skills for success in the 21st century.

Logiscool Franchise

Support and Training

  1. Initial Training: Franchisees undergo thorough initial training programs to familiarize themselves with Logiscool's curriculum, teaching methodologies, and operational procedures.
  2. Ongoing Training: Continuous professional development opportunities are provided to franchisees to keep them updated with the latest trends and developments in digital education and pedagogy.
  3. Educational Resources: Logiscool offers a wealth of educational resources, including lesson plans, teaching materials, and digital tools, to assist franchisees in delivering high-quality instruction to their students.
  4. Technical Support: Franchisees receive technical support to troubleshoot any issues related to Logiscool's proprietary educational platforms and software.
  5. Marketing Support: Logiscool assists franchisees with marketing strategies and materials to promote their programs and attract students, including branding guidelines, advertising templates, and digital marketing support.
  6. Operational Guidance: Franchisees benefit from operational guidance and support in areas such as site selection, facility setup, staffing, and administrative procedures.
  7. Quality Assurance: Logiscool maintains rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure consistency and excellence across all franchise locations. Franchisees receive ongoing feedback and support to meet these standards.
  8. Community Network: Franchisees become part of a supportive community network, where they can collaborate, share best practices, and seek advice from fellow educators and professionals within the Logiscool network.
  9. Regular Updates: Logiscool keeps franchisees informed about updates to its curriculum, educational platforms, and operational procedures to ensure they are equipped with the latest resources and information.
  10. Personalised Support: Franchisees have access to personalized support from dedicated customer success managers and support staff who are committed to assisting them in achieving their business goals and addressing any challenges they may encounter.
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