A Lots of Walks Franchise allows you the opportunity to join a Dog Walking and Pet Services Business at One Affordable Cost, with no limitations on the services you can provide, no additional ongoing costs, and you can “buy out” inexpensively after your 5 year term.

A Lots of Walks Franchise allows you to join a successful Dog Walking & Pet Services Business.

Get In At The Beginning. Low Entry Franchises

With over 12 years of building our business, we are offering low-cost entry into Dog Walking and Pet Services with our Franchise.

Lots Of Walks Franchise

Why Lots Of Walks

Established in early 2008, Lots of Walks has grown consistently year on year and now walks locally with 3 teams of walkers, over 200 dogs per week in the South Manchester Area.

We are confident that we can assist you in realising a sensible income and a great lifestyle and our ethos of flexibility and reliability gives clients real peace of mind.

We believe a Franchise should be fair and we will not limit your pursuit of avenues other than dog walking to grow your business. We also believe that you have the right to Home Board or House Sit, to offer Day-care, or small animal care and that should all be an intrinsic inclusive part of your Lots of Walks Franchise.

We will provide you with help and assistance on the different legislations and requirements for Additional Services.

Our system of overlapping the edges of each area means you can build bonds with neighbouring Franchisees allowing for a network of cover and support should you need it. We offer a 10 mile radius of your chosen postcode – this can have as many as 100,000 potential clients area dependant.

Earning Potential

Walking only 8 dogs per day, a commitment of around 3 ½ hrs daily, will give you monthly earnings of £1,800 or £21,600 per annum. Realistically we would expect you, with our help, to be achieving that within 6 months.

A franchisee looking to walk 3 walks of 4 dogs daily will realistically earn £2,700 per month or £32,400 per annum, and that’s just dog walking.

An Ideal Franchisee

This Franchise will suit anyone if you only want a part-time steady income, or if you want to become the biggest business in your area, if you want to do it yourself or in a managerial role, this Franchise will suit you. All you need is the desire to make it happen and we will provide the tools.

You need to show us that you are as committed as we are. That you have the drive and ambition to succeed, as with us you buy Knowledge Support and Teamwork, but you are the integral part of your new business flourishing.

Other Important Facts

We ARE the people you want to talk to if you want to build a dog walking business with someone who has “walked the walk” and not just talked the talk.

  • We offer a massive area to work within
  • Personalise your business from the outset
  • We don’t limit you or charge additional fees for you to add to your services
  • No Management fee until you earn £1000 p.cm
  • We do this every day, we are working dogwalkers, we know the business inside out
  • Our reputation for flexibility and reliability means we consistently get new enquiries
  • You have full support from a business that’s still walking and growing alongside you
  • We have ensured we comply with CFSG guidelines to be relevant in today's market

Next Steps

We ARE the people you want to talk to if you want to build a dog walking business with someone who has “walked the walk” and not just talked the talk. If you're interested in finding out more about the Lots of Walks franchise, please get in touch using the form below.

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