Mindspan is a Training and Coaching company that has been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for over two decades. We help organisations enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success. We've helped over 100k... Read More

Mindspan is a Training and Coaching company that has been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for over two decades. We help organisations enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success. We’ve helped over 100k individuals, 400+ organisations and worked across 14 countries.


Mindspan Franchise Opportunity

BRAND MISSION: To Inspire Individuals And Organisations To Higher Levels Of Performance And Fulfilment 

BRAND VISION:  To Positively Impact Ten Million People With Our Mindspan Principles

Mindspan Franchise Opportunity

In the 1990’s our founder, Gavin Drake formally started his journey towards answering these questions and over the years his findings have repeatedly taken him into the fields of psychology, thinking, mindset and attitude. So, after concluding that the most important factor for any of us in life is what’s going on in our head he set about creating the Mindspan Triad. This is a framework of 3 psychologies and 9 competencies that are the foundation for all of our coaching and training work with our clients.

Excitingly, we are now growing our team and on boarding aspiring Coaches & Trainers to become licensed in the Mindspan principles. Whether you’re looking for full time or part time opportunities, we offer flexible solutions to suit you. There are 3 tiers, each designed for you to progress or specialise at your chosen level.



This introductory level is designed to support individual clients across all sectors. A Mindspan Coach is trained in our methodology and able to apply to their chosen field of expertise. This can be a full or part time opportunity for you as the model is flexible and at a fixed cost, so it can compliment other commitments or passions you may have.


At this level you will be able to train groups of individuals as part of a wider programme, this may be as training days or over a much longer programme of study. These groups might be a collective with shared professional goals (i.e. a department or team of a business) or they could all be at the same stage of their professional journey.


This is invitational level is for established Mindspan Coaches and Trainers who will now train the next generation of the Mindspan network. These could be sessions delivered at induction, training events and conferences. Mindspan Masters will also deliver on national contracts for our central team.

Key features & benefits:

  • Business & Career Planning: Working with Mindspan Ops Director on creating your business & career plan development
  • Pre-training Development: 10 hours of work ahead of the training event (includes key reading, learning modules & reflection exercises)
  • Training Development: 24 hours of formal training (3 days physical OR 6 half days)
  • The Mindspan Triad & IP: Have access to & full use of our IP & Trademarked frame work that spans across 20+ years of research across multiple psychology fields - these tools aren’t available anywhere else
  • Personal Development: High level personal development & support for themselves which can be used in their coaching
  • Coaching Model: Learn about & become trained in our unique Coaching Model
  • Post Training Development: After the training you enter the assignment phase (6 weeks). This post training implementation makes sure we’re creating really high level coaches
  • Monthly Development & Training: Attend "Mindspan Monthlies" events to up skill & learn about something new that is relevant to the business (e.g. Marketing, Ops Sales & Delivery). There are also "Quarterly Guru" sessions with Mindspan Founder, Gavin Drake where all coaches & trainers can talk through any queries they may have
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Opportunity to have coaching & mentoring for yourselves as a service from Mindspan HQ
  • Marketing & Design Support: Work with Marketing Director, Emily Drake on defining your brand. All licensees have 30 min consultation with Emily on their own projects, learning how to market them & additional design support / service is available if needed
  • National Marketing Campaigns: All licensees benefit from & can leverage upon the national marketing campaigns & activity that is running. This is design to create opportunities for all Mindspan Coaches & Trainers.
  • Website: All licensees have their own profile on the main Mindspan website once they are signed off and "licensed"
  • Data Management: Benefit from the National Marketing CRM system, meaning your clients receive monthly branded content from Mindspan
  • Process & Systems Training: Get access to our internal Learner Management System - all licensees go through online training on the systems & processes involved with running their Mindspan business
  • Annual Conference: Every year, we host an Annual Event for all licensees. We talk through the business growth & development for the year, as well as sharing national plans for the next 12 months. This is a celebration of our team.
  • Ops Manual: Everything you'll ever need to know is housed centrally in the Operations Manual - all licensees have access to a copy that is continually updated
All of The Above, plus:
  • Training Development: 4 months training in to delivering all the Mindspan Competencies & Training products. This is a deeper dive of the MCI vs. the Coaching stage
  • Training Product Portfolio: Enhanced business opportunities (coaching, shorts, talks, & training) at this stage. Have access to 20-25 products (these are continually being grown & added to) meaning there is a greater service portfolio to be able to offer out to corporate clients
  • Learner Guides | Videos & Audios: Receive access to trainer videos & audios from Gavin Drake (the founder of Mindspan) with which you can boost your Training Development. Watching / listening to Gavin in action can massively aid in learning support as you become a trainer yourself.
  • Trainers Manual: Gain access to the "Training Manual" - a copy of all course content material & accompanying notes / information on how to deliver & present to clients
  • Public Speaking Training: Learn what it takes to become a confident keynote speaker
  • Access to National Contracts: As Mindspan Shorts are accredited pieces of training, all Trainer licensees will benefit from the sales work done by Transcend (the accreditation company) meaning that they can get involved with & receive work from National contracts
All of The Above, plus:
  • Invitation Only
  • Content Development: Help to share & prepare new Mindspan programmes & products that will be available to the rest of the licensing network
  • Training Future Mindspan Coaches & Trainers: Be more involved with the licensing process & actually run the training & development events on future licensees.

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