If you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business or to supplement your income, investing in a Network B2B licence will be a profitable decision. Many successful licensees run Network B2B groups alongside their existing business.

When you invest in a Network B2B licence you have the reassurance of fifteen years of launching groups, attracting members and helping them improve and grow their business.

With your Network B2B business, we are there to help you every step of the way and to get you off to a quick successful start to building groups and generating commission.

On average it takes three months to launch a group, our team at head office will work with you to ensure your groups are a success, and that’s every group you start.

The Full Package Includes

  • Prelaunch marketing support and set up
  • Marketing and new member invitations
  • Follow up after initial member visitors
  • Day-to-day administration and invoicing
  • Ongoing training and advice

Basically nearly all the work is done for you, HO does the bulk of the inviting, the follow-ups and admin.

  • It takes roughly three months to launch a group (that’s when we charge membership fees).
  • YOU can start four groups immediately
  • By the sixth month, you could have 6 groups launched with approx. 80 members earning you nearly £1000 per month
  • This is for running one group a day from Tues – Fri making a total of 12 hours work a week including travel time.

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