If you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business or to supplement your income, investing in a Network B2B licence will be a profitable decision. Many successful licensees run Network B2B groups alongside their existing business.

Network B2B Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the Network B2B Franchise or have used the Network B2B business services in the past.

NetworkB2B has opened so many doors for me. Building on the relationships with members of the group's referrals have taken me from York to Newcastle, Florida, Spain and back to Yarm in the UK. That is to name just a few.

The format of Network B2B really works for me it is structured with a relaxed atmosphere that really helps attract the right people to the groups with the ethos of helping and support each other.

Network B2B really works in making connections, sharing information, and gaining new business.

Steve - East Yorkshire

As a chartered financial planner, I pride myself on delivering a first-class service for my clients that goes above and beyond simply financial planning. Being a network B2B licensee has taken this to the next level. My network has expanded exponentially giving me the ability to assist my clients with almost any need. There is a certain credibility that comes with being responsible for a networking group covering a region, which helps no end in what is a very -high trust' business. Holding the licence helps me gain access to a very wide range of high-quality businesspeople from a very broad range of professions and industries and in my opinion certainly adds another -string to my bow'.

Craig - Northern Ireland

Working as a Licensee for Network B2B has been an amazing opportunity, not only to network with other businesses, therefore growing my own network, but to hone my own networking skills. I also find the role incredibly fulfilling, when I can connect different businesses, from one group to the other and see the success that brings for the businesses concerned. When I see people develop their confidence to talk to a group and to deliver exciting and interesting presentations, that they would have struggled to do, and working as part of the Network B2B team helping businesses to grow and develop.

Judith - West Yorkshire

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