4 Cutting-Edge Car Dealership Franchise Opportunities

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Britons love their cars.

In 2021, over 7.5 million cars exchanged hands between citizens of the UK. Who sells the vast majority of these cars?

Car franchise dealerships.

While these businesses have been around for decades, many new are utilising new technologies and innovative business practices to allow for flexible scheduling, increased profit margins, and franchise ownership.

Let’s learn everything you need to know about car dealership franchises and explore four dealership franchise opportunities that can help you add another zero to your pay stub.

The Car Franchise Business Model

Manufacturers put the cars on the lot. The dealer’s job is to sell them. Both specialists rely on one another to get more key fobs on consumers’ keychains.

Manufacturers often offer dealership franchises training, repairs, and a range of services in order to boost their expertise and keep car buyers happier.

Of course, automotives are complex machines and seem to grow more complicated with each passing year. So, many dealership franchises opt to work with only a small handful of manufacturers. This allows them to build up their specialist knowledge and increase customer satisfaction.

Regarding financing options for each franchise, car dealerships offer various options, including special offers and favourable deals for the consumer, allowing their business to stand out from the pack.

Our 4 Top Car Dealership Franchises

Now that we’ve covered the ins and outs of the car dealership franchise business model, let’s dive into greater detail on our 4 top car dealership franchise opportunities.

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1. Auto Car Brokers

To get involved with Auto Car Brokers, all you need is a smartphone. Their business revolves around making car buying (and selling) easy.

If you only want to work part-time, you can still make a consistent £500 – £600 a week. If you’re willing to work full time and even take on extra work, you can take home upwards of £1000 – £2,000 a week.

Unlike other car dealership opportunities, you won’t have to travel all over the country or manage any staff or employees. It’s the ultimate remote business model.

In 2021, nearly 20,000 used cars exchanged hands every day. However, even amongst these thousands are countless owners who struggle to find the right buyer for their used vehicle.

Your opportunity at Auto Car Brokers is to connect eager buyers with reliable sellers.

With all the benefits of a home-based franchise, Auto Car Brokers allows its franchisees to choose their own schedules to fit their busy lives. You’ll be able to generate consistent revenue streams all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

2. UK Prestige Car Brokers

If you love the roar of a V8 and the sheen of a new coat of paint, then you need to check out UK Prestige Car Brokers. This automotive franchise opportunity allows you to work every day with some of the most pristine and exceptional vehicles on the continent.

This franchise holds strong connections with all of the major prestige car manufacturers in the UK, with legendary brands like Mercedez, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Maserati.

Their franchisees provide best-in-class service to their private and business clients that need to buy or sell a used vehicle.

The franchise fee is incredibly reasonable at only £17,500, offering you the opportunity to reach profitability within your first year.

Once you complete your initial investment and training period, you’ll earn an exclusive territory, ongoing expert support, and a dedicated landing page and exclusive email address on the Prestige Car Brokers website.

If you love cars and car enthusiasts, this might be the perfect automotive franchise opportunity for you.

3. 4×4 Vehicle Hire

Occupying the self-drive hire market, 4×4 Vehicle Hire is one of the fastest-growing automotive franchises today. They operate in the private and corporate sectors to cast a wider net and widen their franchisees’ profit margins.

With over 20 UK-based franchises, the self-drive hire market has experienced an explosion in demand in recent years as the pandemic pushed many to drive their own rented car without a chauffeur.

Unlike many other auto-for-hire business models, 4×4 Vehicle Hire offers a bespoke service. The results have been astounding. New franchisees routinely hit over £150,000 in turnover as early as their third year in charge.

4×4 Vehicle Hire’s unique service includes guaranteed make and model delivery, along with ease of use features like the customised collection. While this franchise primarily focuses on higher-end 4x4s, they also offer pickup trucks and other sport utility vehicle options.

This automotive dealership franchise offers a generous 5-year franchise agreement and in-depth car rental training course. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to your own marketing team and industry-leading professionals to increase client acquisition and maximise growth.

With a flexible work-from-home schedule and incredible support network, 4×4 Vehicle Hire might be perfect for your next franchise opportunity.

4. Motorhome Depot

Motorhomes might seem like a fad of the 1970s, but the trend increases yearly. Over 16,000 motorhomes were registered in 2021, hitting a record peak.

As the recent COVID pandemic pushed many away from busy city centres, millions of UK citizens discovered the freedom of the open road and the serenity of the British countryside from the comforts of a new motor home.

As a franchisee with the Motorhome Depot, you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle while taking home a high income.

Franchisees connect motor home sellers with motor home buyers, guaranteeing a smoother process for all parties involved. And as the liaison, you’ll take home a pretty penny with each new transaction.

Instead of lowballing sellers with insulting offers, Motorhome Depot gives sellers an irresistible no-sale, no-fee structure in which the seller determines the price.

If you know nothing about motorhomes, don’t sweat it. Most of their motorhome brokers came into the opportunity with little to no previous knowledge or even a broader business background. Motorhome Depot offers their franchisees comprehensive initial training and in-depth ongoing support programmes to give you all the tools you’ll need to thrive in the competitive sector.

Discover if you’re the right fit for the Motorhome Depot by completing the enquiry form on their franchise page.

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Start Your Engines With Franchise Local

The automobile may be a hundred-year-old technology, but it might be in more demand than ever.

Whether you’re interested in working with a prestige Audi R8 or a stellar motorhome, find out if you have the perfect match of skills and interests to become a leading car dealership franchisee today.

Explore our extensive list of automotive franchises, van franchises, and any other franchise your heart desires.

Browse our tips and advice page to learn more about automotive franchise opportunities, like our top van-based franchises and whether you should buy a franchise if a recession is just around the corner.

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