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Let’s hear it for the boys

The benefits of performing arts have been well documented for children and young people. Improved fitness, confidence and social skills are just some of the reasons why parents encourage youngsters to join a group...
Kayleigh and students

Thriving franchise sector shows no sign of slowing down

A recent report reveals the healthy state of the franchise sector and how during 2018, it produced a huge range of opportunities for those entering the market. At the launch of the 2018 bfa NatWest...
group inters razzamataz

Creative industries shine a light for young people

The popularity in performing arts has led to a booming market in theatre schools. The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, one of the few sectors in which we can...

From Superheroes to Superstars

As a large and established theatre school franchise, we are in the privileged position of working with young people who continue to inspire us with the journeys they go on while they are with...
indego o2 razzamataz

Young performers light up the Indigo at The 02

One of London’s most iconic music venues came alive with the passion of 400 young performers on Sunday 18th November with a special production from a franchise theatre school, who believes in giving its...
Razzamataz theatre school students

Franchise theatre school students head to London for photoshoot

A group of talented young performers from across the UK are travelling to London on the 15th November to one of the most prestigious performing arts publications in the UK. The youngsters are all...
razzamataz ireland

Theatre school franchise expands into Ireland

A Dragons’ Den backed theatre school franchise is pushing its boundaries and expanding into Northern Ireland with the launch of a new product to join the successful network of schools. Razzamataz has been established since...

Razzamataz Conference Annual Awards Ceremony 2018

Razzamataz held their annual awards ceremony on Monday 29th January at North Lakes Hotel Penrith as well a full day of training, talks a cryptic chase and support to celebrate their franchisees successes.
razzamataz at the indigo 02

You can be a VIP guest at our Fanciest ever discovery den!

Final rehearsals are taking place up and down the country as 400 students prepare to take to the stage at one of London’s most iconic venues - and you can be there too! The indigo...
Razza kids 1

Why every child is special

Children come in all shapes and sizes and will look just as different on the outside as they feel on the inside. When it comes to little ones, there should really be no ‘one...