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Quality assurance guaranteed in children’s franchise sector

Children’s pre-school and extracurricular activities have been proved to have many beneficial effects. However, computers, screens and the X-box have become children’s main source of entertainment but with lots of negative repercussions. But it doesn’t...
razzamataz 20 years

Twenty Years Of Being Outstanding

At the turn of the millennium, a former performer struck upon an idea to share her passion for her industry. Denise Hutton-Gosney’s life had been changed through her love for dance and she wanted to...

Highlights from The Razzamataz Annual Conference 2019

Razzamataz Theatre Schools LTD #NoBizLikeShowBiz Conference 2019

Meet Founder and Managing Director of Razzamataz – Denise Gosney

Denise discusses changing roles and the future if Franchises. Denise founded Razzamataz Theatre Schools in 2000. Razzamataz is an award winning part time children's theatre school providing professional training in our exciting curriculum of street...
Young people lead the way

Young people lead the way with positive environmental changes

The news feeds are buzzing with actions of young people concerned about the environmental challenges. Teenagers and children are the ones speaking out about climate change and want governments to take notice. It’s not just talk...
How to get children off line and having fun

How to get children off-line and having fun

Gaming and social media addiction are relatively new buzz words but ones that send shock waves to many parents. Extreme cases where a 13 year-old who gets heart palpitations every time he stands up because...
Nick and Gemma Sutton

The Benefits of Buying a Re-Sale Franchise

Nick Furlong was 22 and his girlfriend Gemma Hextall was just 21 when they bought re-sale franchise Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield in September 2015. They were both in the final year of study at Birmingham School...
Opportunity for talented youngsters

Opportunity for talented youngsters to win thousands of pounds worth of training

Recent TV programme The Greatest Dancer showed that our fascination for a life on the stage and the world of performing arts is not slowing down. The BBC dance talent show saw dancers of...
Charlotte Young

Finalists Announced at the EWIF Awards

With a mission to educate, inspire and empower more women into franchising, EWIF has just announced its 2019 finalists, including two entries from Razzamataz Theatre Schools. The annual Awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of women...
Hayley bfa award 2

Live online event to join Dragons’ Den backed franchise

On Tuesday April 23 at 8pm, a British Franchise Association (bfa) Award winning franchisee is to host a live Discovery Den to share her incredible success story. Known as the biggest and most influential event...