Discover how you can transform your future at one of our Discovery Days

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They say seeing is believing and this crucial step in the franchising journey can help you gain a deeper understanding of our systems, operations, and the overall business model.

Why are Discovery Days so important?

Investing in a franchise is a huge decision. Not just in terms of your financial investment, but also in terms of the personal commitment from you. Going into business for yourself, especially with the backing of the kind of proven business model you can access with a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise, is one of the most positive and life-changing decisions you can make.

There’s a lot to think about, and you want to be absolutely sure you are choosing the right opportunity. While we can certainly offer you a proven blueprint for success at the forefront of the home renovation market, we can’t do it for you. It is all still going to come down to how much hard work and dedication you are prepared to put in, so aside from assuring your investment is sound, you will also want to make sure the opportunity you choose is something you can put 100% of yourself into

Which is why taking a really deep dive into a franchise opportunity is essential, and the most important part of taking this journey with us is booking a Discovery Day with Granite & TREND Transformations.

What happens on a Discovery Day?

First and foremost, our Discovery Day is the perfect opportunity to find out what it’s actually like running a franchise business as our partner. They are designed to be a fully immersive experience and are run on a 1:1 basis ensuring you get our undivided attention. However, we do also encourage you to bring along your partner or other interested family members, as setting up your own business is a big undertaking and you’ll want the full support of your family.

The event itself is conducted at our Support Centre in Tunbridge Wells, and usually runs from 10-4. It will include:

  • Meeting the franchise management & support team
  • Visiting a workshop, showroom and speak to an existing franchisee to get “hands-on” with a real day in the life
  • Seeing a sample of all our products during the fabrication process prior to installation
  • Discussing all the financial aspects of the franchise opportunity from your required investment to expected returns
  • Detailed information relating to how our business model works and how we support you in all aspects of running your business
  • Discussing your proposed territory and how we can help you tap its full potential
  • Advice from an independent consultant on how to build an effective business plan you can use to approach lenders

We do pack a lot into the day, but you should find it to be a very informative and fun experience! You’ll leave with a much clearer understanding of what’s involved, including the costs and the next steps should you wish to continue on your voyage of discovery.

What does NOT happen on a Discovery Day

What will definitely NOT happen during the Discovery is any kind of “hard sell”. At no time will we be putting you under pressure, as we only want to attract partners who are absolutely sure they want to work with us. Which is why we will be totally transparent in everything we do and allow you to guide your journey at a pace that suits you. In fact, we will also be using this day ourselves to learn more about you. We want to be sure you are the right person for our franchise as much as you will want to be sure this is the right franchise for you.

Our Next Discovery Day dates:

  • Wednesday 1st May
  • Wednesday 5th June
  • Wednesday 19th June
  • Thursday 27th June

How to get involved

If you want to book a Discovery Day, it really couldn’t be simpler. Just get in touch HERE and we can set it up for you!

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