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Audie from Brighton joined us just 5 months ago and before he joined us,he worked long hours as a business analyst working on multi-million pound projects but he was working for someone else, told what to wear and where to work and whilst he earned good money his fears were.

  • What if 1 am forced to stop work 1 have no income to support my family.
  • Will my pension be enough when I retire.
  • My children are growing up too fast and I am missing out.
  • I am getting older and am still not following my dreams.

Audie made the leap and joined us in March 2023 and here is what he has achieved:

  • Flipped a property making £15k pretax profit
  • Bought his first auto-pilot income property with 3 more in the pipeline.
  • He has left his job and works in property when he feels like.
  • Has had 3 holidays since joining [creating a lifestyle business].

How did Audie do this?

First, he was super-clear on what he wanted, and we reverse-engineered a plan starting with a 90-day goal.

He had a life change which we won’t share but when you have to make a change and are pushed it shows you what is possible in such a short space of time.

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