Franchisee Katie from Sheffield North-West discusses why we use Baby Yoga in BabyBeats

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As parents, we look for ways to help us bond with our babies and to help them grow and develop. Baby Yoga is a wonderful tool to aid all of these things. Baby Yoga uses different postures and movements to promote physical, cognitive and emotional development in babies. It is a lovely way to connect with your baby and promote their development.We use Baby Yoga in every BabyBeats class, it has many benefits for baby.

We will look at these below:

Motor Development – Baby Yoga can help movement and co-ordination to develop as the different elements help work on strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing muscle tone as well as promoting postural control and awareness of where their body is in space.

Cognitive Development – Often Baby Yoga is practiced alongside songs or rhymes. These encourage language and communication development.

Bonding – The parent will touch baby to move their bodies into the different positions, poses and activities. Touch is an important part of bonding with baby. They learn to trust you as you do Baby Yoga together as this provides them with comfort and security.

Reduces Stress – Endorphins can be released during the practice of Baby Yoga by both parent and baby. This helps to create a calm environment and promotes wellbeing of both baby and parent and thereby reduces stress in daily life.

Promotes Sleep – The calming effect of gentle movements and time bonding with their parent can help babies to relax, potentially leading to more restful sleep. Often parents will comment on how well their baby slept after class.

During BabyBeats classes at BabyBeats Sheffield North-West, we strive to create an environment that aids all the above benefits for parent and baby. It is a wonderful element of our baby class and provides parents with tools to continue practicing at home. The exercises can be completed in different positions depending on babies’ developmental stage as they progress through the terms at BabyBeats.

BabyBeats baby classes include elements of baby yoga, baby massage, sensory play and gentle post-natal exercises. We aim to help encourage the bond between mother and baby / father and baby / caregiver and baby. Our baby classes provide a safe and friendly space for all that attend.

Our classes take place in Stocksbridge which is a great central location for several towns and villages nearby such as: Deepcar, Penistone, Thurlstone, Oxspring, Thurgoland, Wortley, Hoylandswaine, Cawthorne, Dodworth. Silkstone, Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side, Worrall.

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