Jam Coding: “Our Bespoke Curriculum Benefits Everyone”

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Jam Coding launched its very own bespoke curriculum in April of 2023 and the benefits to everyone in this sector, are massive…

This unique tool, created by our Jam Coding technical team, can be used to provide a digital education to young people at a much higher level than any other providers in the current marketplace (such as scratch and purple mash). Not only is it providing benefits to the children who use it but also the teachers and the schools who subscribe to the service.

Our franchisees are the only licensed providers of this product and it is without a doubt a marketplace leader… Here’s why:

  • For the Children…
    • It offers bespoke learning outcomes: Every lesson taught is at a bespoke level based on the children’s prior learning and knowledge of the area.

Each lesson has scaffolded support resources to allow learners to determine the level of difficulty for each activity so no child should be over or under challenged – meaning children are more engaged and less likely to cause disruption in class.

  • It is entirely SEND Focused: All of our resources are SEND focused to ensure fully inclusive learning. This ensures any child, regardless of their background, can enjoy our fun and stimulating lessons.
  • For Teachers…
    • It is assisting with their CPD: This is the first computing curriculum where teachers get certified CPD in each of the 8 areas of Pedagogy of the Information Technology, Computer Science and Digital Literacy curriculum.
  • It is a flexible support service: We can offer full or part service delivery by our code coaches to support teachers while they are learning. The School is also able to subscribe and deliver it themselves should they
  • For the School…
    • It is Ofsted focused: Our Bespoke Curriculum is the only product that satisfies the recent highlighted issues identified by Ofsted in their 2022 Review of Computing Report.
  • Upskilling and supporting staff: Helping to support teaching staff in this troublesome area that they don’t often have much confidence.
  • For Jam Coding Franchisees…
    • It allows for multiple income streams: Because of the unique infrastructure of our franchise network it is possible for our franchisees to work with a vast range of schools benefiting from multiple income streams.

Our network of franchisees around the UK are approaching schools within their designated area with this market leading tool and it’s become a great foot in the door of any school as it solves so many of their problems, at an affordable cost.

We have featured on several local BBC Radio stations to discuss the Bespoke Curriculum and a national marketing campaign is underway in teacher and headteacher magazines.

We are incredibly proud of the difference we know our solution can make to Schools, children and our franchisees’ delivery, throughout the UK, and the positive change it will make to Computing understanding.

To find out more about how you can make a difference as a Franchisee…

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