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In the UK’s competitive culinary scene, Japes offers a fresh take with its Chicago-style pizza, combining the heartiness of deep dishes with the sophistication of London’s dining standards.

As a pizza franchise, Japes stands out by marrying authentic Italian flair with American exuberance, making it a noteworthy opportunity for prospective franchisees.

What is Japes Pizza Restaurant?

Japes Pizza is a unique dining establishment that specialises in Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Unlike traditional thin-crust pizzas, Japes’ are known for their thick, rich crusts and generous toppings, cheese, and sauce. The restaurant aims to offer a slice of Chicago’s culinary best right in the heart of London.

The History of Japes Pizza

Japes Pizza was established in 2015 by culinary enthusiasts who love Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Upon returning to London, they noticed a gap in the market for this particular style of pizza. Thus, they opened the first Japes restaurant in Soho, known for its vibrant food scene.

Growth and Expansion

Since its inception, Japes has expanded significantly. Building on the success of their Soho location, Japes has opened additional outlets across London and has begun to spread into other major UK cities.

Each new restaurant is carefully located to capture a similar urban vibe to its Soho origin, targeting areas with high foot traffic and strong demand for dining options.

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Japes’ Unique Business Model

Japes sets itself apart by delivering a unique product in the heart of London. Let’s explore the different facets of their business model.

Bringing Deep Dish Pizza to London

Capturing the essence of Chicago’s beloved culinary style, Japes brings the deep, rich flavours of deep-dish pizza to the UK.

This introduction not only caters to American expats longing for a taste of home but also intrigues local Londoners eager to experience a new style of pizza.

Commitment to Authenticity and Quality

At Japes, there is a solid commitment to authenticity and quality.

Only high-quality, authentic Italian ingredients are used, ensuring that each pizza meets and exceeds the expectations of traditional pizza enthusiasts and adventurous diners.

Consistent Innovation and Menu Development

Innovation is at the heart of Japes’ strategy. The menu continuously evolves, featuring new and imaginative takes on the classic Chicago-style pizza to keep the offering fresh and exciting.

Strategic Marketing and Community Involvement

Japes leverages targeted marketing strategies and community involvement to build a loyal customer base.

Through local events, social media campaigns, and community partnerships, Japes establishes itself as an integral part of the local dining scene, which enhances brand visibility and customer loyalty.

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How to Open Japes Pizza Franchise in the UK

If you’re considering entering the lucrative £5 billion UK pizza market with a Japes franchise, here’s a detailed guide to get you started:

#1 Determine Your Finances

Review the financial requirements to ensure you meet the minimum investment threshold, which includes £80,000 in liquid cash. Costs involve a turnkey investment starting from £140,000, a franchise fee of £17,500 per location, plus ongoing royalties and marketing fees.

#2 Review the Initial Inquiry

Once ready, visit the Japes website to access the Franchise Inquiry Form. Here’s what you’ll need to provide:

  • First Name and Last Name: Your legal name.
  • Email Address: A valid email for all communications.
  • Phone: Your contact number.
  • City of Residence: Where you currently live.
  • Primary and Secondary City/Area of Interest: The locations where you are interested in opening a franchise.
  • Personal Introduction (optional): Share your goals, passions, and any relevant experience that makes you a suitable candidate for owning a franchise.
  • Financial Confirmation: Confirm if you have the minimum required £80,000 in liquid assets.
  • Discovery Source: Indicate how you first heard about the Japes franchise opportunity, such as visiting one of their restaurants.

#3 Application Submission and Initial Consultation

After submitting the inquiry form, the Japes franchise team will review your application.

If preliminary criteria are met, they will contact you to arrange an initial consultation. This discussion will help both parties gauge fit and alignment with the brand’s vision.

#4 Site Selection and Lease Negotiation

Once you move forward, Japes will assist in identifying the best location for your franchise based on market analysis and demographic studies.

They also guide lease negotiations to secure favourable terms for your new establishment.

#5 Training and Setup

You will undergo comprehensive training covering all aspects of running a Japes franchise, from kitchen operations to customer service.

Concurrently, your site will be developed to align with Japes’ branding and operational standards, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

#6 Grand Opening and Marketing Launch

With training complete and the site set up, you’ll launch your franchise. The opening will be supported by targeted marketing efforts to build excitement and attract customers.

You’ll benefit from national and local advertising campaigns to maximise initial exposure.

#7 Continuous Support and Growth

Post-launch, Japes continues to provide ongoing support through regular menu updates, operational improvements, and marketing strategies to help you grow your business and maintain profitability.

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Explore London Pizza Franchises with Franchise Local

For many first-time franchisees, the price of Japes will be out of reach. Don’t fear: Franchise Local offers several pizza-based franchises, each with a unique business model and selling points.

A few of our favourites include

If these options are still outside your budget range, learn about loan options or how to open a franchise without any money. For further information, explore our blog and stay up-to-date with the latest food franchises.

Whether you invest in Japes or another pizza franchise, the key is choosing a business that aligns with your financial situation, passion, and long-term goals. A good franchise fits your goals, passion, and lifestyle just as much as you fit it.

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