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Jason Kay began making moves in the property sector but found that he faced several challenges, not least finding funding for his projects. “I’ve had lots [of challenges], with the biggest being funding, and lending was an issue for me starting out in property, even with a very good credit history”. Joining Sourced as a Franchisee meant that he was able to access our funding platform, Sourced Capital.

The Turning Point

Life threw Jason a curveball with COVID-19, disrupting their business partnership and prompting a brave leap into the unknown. Walking away from their own business was tough, but what came next was a game-changer. Jason had recently invested a hefty sum in a property training course but left without the support to take that training to the next level.

It wasn’t just about the continuous support for Jason. Nor was it solely about the funding opportunities that seemed to unlock a whole new realm of possibilities. It was the blend of both, mixed with a sense of community that set Jason on a new path.


Jason’s first win was turning a conventional property into a hub of 13 apartments using our in house private lender, Sourced Capital.

From this, his confidence soared, and his next project was transforming a former care home to a 24-bed co-living space, marking a bold step up in the investment ladder.

Jason has also dabbled in service accommodations, added to Jason’s portfolio, showcasing the versatility and opportunity that property investment could offer.

Looking Ahead

Jason’s transition from a business owner navigating through challenging times to a flourishing property investor is more than just a career change. It’s a story of resilience, adaptability, and the magic that happens when you find the right support system.

Here’s to the future projects, the continued learning, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the exciting world of property investment.

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