Meet our franchisees – Jemma & Sam, Sutton Coldfield

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The Hub Care Support franchise is not just about pioneering a new approach to care, it’s about being stronger together!

A lot of businesses talk about being a “family”, but for Hub Care Support it is a lot more than just a buzz word, and we don’t just mean the strong links between everyone in our franchise. Our growing network is already full of husband and wife teams, and this is now our first multi-generational franchise team starring mother and son, Jemma and Sam!

Jemma had worked in care for most of her life, and so knew all too well the limits and challenges faced by the traditional way of doing things. Sam only knew about the sector through his mum, but he was keen to start his own business, and so came around to the idea of joining a care franchise as a way for both of them to achieve their goals.

However, neither was keen to start just another care agency.

“I was at a care agency before joining the Hub, but I really didn’t agree with how the system was working.” Jemma told us. “I was really passionate about quality care and wanted to find another way to do that, and Sam was looking to start out on his own, so we said one day, ‘Why don’t look for someone who is doing things differently and start our own care business with them?

“We started out by looking at the traditional agency model, but we knew it wouldn’t work for us. We wanted to do things differently and Hub Care Support immediately jumped out at me. It answered all the concerns I had about clients and caregivers, and I thought: this is great! This is something I can be passionate about and something I can support.”

Hub Care Support does things very differently because it isn’t a care agency. Service users may be the ones who benefit the most from what our franchisees can deliver, but they aren’t who we work for – it’s the carers themselves. Only we call them Personal Assistants and work with them to take control of their working lives. By empowering and supporting those who understand care the most, and are the most passionate about making a real difference, our franchisee can have a truly remarkable impact on those most in need in their communities.

“When we first looked at just care agencies, “Sam explained. “I realised I just didn’t have the experience for that kind of business. There was so much responsibility and stress involved, but when Mum explained Hub, I could see how we could thrive by working for carers instead of being carers ourselves. It was both simplified, and better, as a business model. We would be able to care for our PAs just as much as we would any service user, and that would allow us to do something really special. It seemed like a no-brainer, really, and it only took us a few seconds to decide to dig a bit deeper.”

Jemma and Sam read all about what other franchisees had achieved and it didn’t take long for them to realise there was huge potential for this kind of business in their area. However, it was when they came to visit us at head office for their Discovery Day that they really had their “eureka!” moment and decided to come on board.

“When I visited the Hub head office, it was totally unlike any other care business’ office I had ever walked into.” Jemma told us. “It was such a happy environment where it was obvious everybody wanted everyone else to be doing well. It was warm, welcoming, and it was clear there was both compassion and professionalism at play. Which is the way it should be! We wanted to be a part of it, and now that we are, we really do feel like part of the family, and get constant support from both the team and other franchisees.”

It’s still early days for Jemma and Sam, but they’re already starting to see some very positive results.

“Just this morning we’ve had 5 new client referrals come in! It seems like every time we speak to someone – families, clients, potential PAs – we’ve got them on board, no problem! Once we put the message out there about who we are, how we work, and how we think about them, they’re immediately interested. It’s been really positive, and Hub Care Support is absolutely what we need in our area, and everywhere in the UK, really!”

Is there anyone you would like to partner with to create your own dream team? Or are you ready to be a solo trailblazing a new way of doing things in your local community? Whichever path you choose, Hub Care Support has your back!

Get in touch today to learn more, just click HERE to read our full profile on this site before submitting the form.

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