Tech Education Takes Off: Jam Coding Launches in Aberdeen!

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A local entrepreneur has partnered with a leading national coding and computing education provider to introduce essential digital workshops to primary schools across Aberdeen.

Since its inception in 2014, Jam Coding has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing engaging computing lessons, sparking a transformative digital education journey for young minds.

Fahmeda Begum, Area Director for Jam Coding Aberdeen, explained, “When I couldn’t find any coding classes suitable for my daughters in Aberdeen, I saw an opportunity to fill that gap.

Jam Coding offers an enjoyable learning experience for children, and parents and schools can rest assured knowing that our lessons not only entertain but also impart valuable digital skills that are crucial for our ever-evolving society.

Joining the Jam Coding mission is my way of giving back to my local community. I know that it will have a huge impact on schools across the region and I can’t wait to get to work.”

Reflecting on the pressing need for digital literacy, Roger Grogan, who founded Jam Coding a decade ago, remarked, “Recent reports highlight a looming digital skills shortage crisis in the UK, compounded by a 40% drop in young people pursuing IT subjects since 2015.

This underscores the urgency for services like ours, and yet it is a need we have recognised for years. Our mission is clear: to equip children with essential digital skills for life.”

Jam Coding’s launch in Aberdeen brings an exciting opportunity for schools in the region to provide revolutionary computing lessons to their pupils whilst upskilling their staff in the process. Could this be the right opportunity for you?…

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