Nicholas Humphreys Specialist Student and Professional Letting has a unique proposition bringing a new lucrative style into the “traditional” property market. Five franchises for the price of one ensures higher earnings.

Nicholas Humphreys

Market leading franchise specialising
in student lettings for a lucrative income

Established twenty years ago, Nicholas Humphreys has fast become one of the UK’s leading Estate and Lettings Agencies specialising in Student Lettings.

Specialists in both student and professional lettings, as well as property management and residential sales, we are rapidly expanding and the Number 1 choice for many landlords and tenants. With the cyclical nature of the student lettings business coupled with residual management income and additional sales income this opportunity provides a lucrative choice of property franchise.

Nicholas Humphreys

Our franchise opportunity

Nicholas Humphreys are one of only five fully accredited members of the British Franchise Association in the estate and letting agency sector and are the only franchise to specialise in student lettings. The business also incorporates traditional estate and letting agency including property management, investment and residential sales and lettings, with the student lettings arm showing earnings of up to 2.5 times the income of residential lettings.

We do not make any profit from the initial franchise fee, all of which goes back into investing into launching your business. Our training is 4 weeks of in branch practical experience and classroom based training at our Franchise Head Office. We provide in-field launch support for 3 days a week for the first month of launching and a dedicated launch support manager for 2 days a week for the second month proven to get our franchisees businesses off to a good start.

“I chose Nicholas Humphreys over other franchises because the franchise fee is reinvested in me and my business, with a strong support network for now and into the future. My advice would be to put your faith in those within the franchise who support you. With this advice I have earnt over £6000 and I have only been running for 2 months. This is a great opportunity.”

Nicholas Lambrou, Sheffield

Nicholas Lambrou
The benefits of an established brand
  • Nicholas Humphreys has a proven track record in delivering successful low cost franchises
  • We will supply you with your own webpage
  • Our accounts team will ensure that you and your landlords are paid weekly, ensuring that your cash flow is a priority
  • You will also benefit from discounted marketing and portal costs thanks to Nicholas Humphreys purchasing power
  • Thanks to our comprehensive training and mentoring support you will see great growth potential
  • National marketing committee providing platform for franchisees to introduce and implement new ideas. 
Nicholas Humphreys Franchise

“In my first year with my first franchise I had an income of £82,001, an increase of 137% up to £194,721.95 in my second year and 5 years later this franchise has now turned over £1million, with 9 members of staff and a high street premise, I have subsequently taken three further territories.”

Dan Strain, Nottingham

Dan Strain
Earning potential

First Year Income - 75% of our Franchisees earn an income in the 1st Year of trading in excess of £62,500 with our top 25% of Franchisees earning over £79,000.

Second Year Income – 75% of our Franchisee earn an income in excess of £96,500 in Year 2 with our top 25% of Franchisee earning over £147,500 in their second year.

Third Year Income – 75% of our Franchisee earn an income in excess of £225,000 with our top 25% of Franchisees earning over £300,500 in Year 3.

“I took a Nicholas Humphreys franchise to move away from the corporate sector into a steady industry to make a decent income to support a family. Having made an income of £80,813 in my first 12 months of trading, my dream is becoming a reality.”

Rob Butters, Stoke-on-Trent

Rob Butters
How much investment is needed for a Nicholas Humphreys Franchise?

The minimum total investment of a Nicholas Humphreys Franchise is £31,200. This includes an initial franchise fee of £18,500 + VAT and £9000 working capital (6 Months Cost)

As banks can lend up to 70% of our total investment, you will only need a minimum of £9360 of your own money to invest.

75% of our franchisees have seen a break-even income of over £18,500 by Month 7 with our top 25% of earners exceeding this figure by Month 4.

Nicholas Humphreys Franchise

“Previously, I studied Psychology at University and then worked as a medical records assistant. have a lot more freedom now as a Director of a franchise to fit in my social life around work but there is also a lot of hard work involved in the running of the franchise. My previous job was very dull and structured; running our franchise is very challenging and flexible. We have earnt £114,240 in 2 years and won Best Newcomer in 2015”

Becca Henderson, Durham

Becca Henderson
How we train and support you

Franchisees will receive a twelve-week training, mentoring and development programme. This includes training, mentoring, in-field and remote launch support, laptop, camera, iPhone, measuring device, business launch, stationery pack and marketing pack.

The training also includes franchise workshops, working in a branch and specialist sales and procedural training. In addition Nicholas Humphreys will provide you with a fully trained member of staff for the first 12 weeks of your launch period including 3 days a week for the first month on an in-field basis and ongoing mentoring support.

“I received 4 weeks of intensive training in house and within branches in the midlands. I then received 8 weeks of launch support, with a team of franchise staff working hard to help you achieve your goal. In my first 18 months I earnt an income of £116,049 and I won best newcomer at the Franchisee Awards in 2016.”

Oliver Barker, Hatfield Hertfordshire

Oliver Barker
Launching your business

We have everything in place to make you a success; from strong training specialists for a one month period both in our branches for practical experience and in our franchise HQ. We also have a highly skilled launching team who are in your territory for the first month and provide another month launch support to ensure the successful start to your business.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer territories within Greater London, Scotland and Ireland.

Please fill out the enquiry form below to ask about available territories or to be kept up-to-date on established franchises for sale.

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