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Probably the most exciting healthcare franchise to come to the market this year, Oath Healthcare are recognized as one of the leading Healthcare providers in Cambridgeshire, working closely with local authorities, social services, NHS clinical commissioning groups, and private ... Read More


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A Franchise that is a true business partnership

Welcome to Oath Healthcare, the care franchise built on a tradition of trust.

Reflecting on the success of Oath Healthcare since 2016,  the initial vision was to create a small business for the founder and his family. The journey since then has been enlightening, filled with valuable lessons learned from the inevitable mistakes—lessons that we are eager to share to spare you from the same pitfalls. As the demand for healthcare in the comfort of people's homes has surged, Oath Healthcare has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into one of the most respected care providers in Cambridgeshire.

In our pursuit of expansion, we are seeking individuals blessed with strong people skills, the ability to connect effortlessly with those from all walks of life, a genuine sense of empathy, and an unwavering determination to excel. If these qualities resonate with you, I am genuinely excited about the prospect of meeting you in person and exploring the possibility of working together. With your commitment, we stand ready to provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring you acquire all the essential knowledge and skills to successfully run a healthcare business.

Believing in the fundamental right for everyone to choose how they receive care and support, Oath Healthcare envisions a world where individuals can live their lives on their terms. Our aim is to empower franchisees who share our values to deliver exceptional support and care within local communities. To be a valued business locally is not only satisfying but deeply rewarding, knowing that we make a positive difference in people's lives beyond monetary terms.

As a franchisee with Oath Healthcare, we offer more than just a business opportunity. It is our commitment to support you in becoming the best version of yourself, fostering the safe, profitable, and enjoyable growth of your business. In this serious world, we believe that business can be fun, and we strive to bring a sense of enjoyment into what we do.

Embedded in our core philosophy, this profound quote by Maya Angelou captures the essence of our business. Oath Healthcare is not just about purpose and profit; it's about creating a life-changing environment for everyone involved – clients, staff, and franchisees alike. We invite you to join us in replicating this transformative business model in your area, where making a positive impact becomes a way of life.

The business potential

If you're considering a franchise in a sector that caters to year-round demand, you're undoubtedly curious about the commercial possibilities. While profit isn't our sole focus, rest assured, this franchise presents a lucrative opportunity. With an anticipated annual turnover of almost £1 million in year three, your potential for financial success is significant.

Our commitment is to guide you in replicating our established success. The journey to franchising wasn't rushed; it took us years to refine our business model, overcoming setbacks, learning from mistakes, and gaining valuable insights. The beauty is, we've distilled this experience into a proven blueprint, sparing you the learning curve we navigated.

Running a people-centric business demands effective delegation and management skills. An Oath Healthcare franchise provides flexibility, allowing you to start as an owner-operator or opt for a management style from the outset. If you choose the latter, appointing a manager to execute our development plan under your guidance is a strategic move.

With support of our business development team and in house marketing specialist we aim to support our franchise partners become both the care provider of choice but also the employer of choice in the local communities you serve.

Whilst the care sector is under pressure, the key is, we believe in recruiting the right staff and retention of your staff, we support you and your staff throughout with ongoing training, access to the latest and most complete care management CRM system. The training we offer is amongst the most comprehensive you will find in sector, our business development team will help you recruit, train and develop staff, find clients and work with you to build relationships locally and allow you to focus on building your profitable business knowing you have a partner with you every step of the way.

The Franchise Model 

Franchising is proven to be the most successful route into self-employment, with the Natwest/British Franchise Association survey reporting that over 95% of franchises report profitability. This is in stark contrast to non-franchised businesses, where around 50% cease trading within two years.

Business Presence: Joining a franchise like Oath Healthcare means instantly becoming part of a fully established and recognised business, meeting customer expectations for a robust service

Built in learning curve: Oath Healthcare have already navigated the learning curve before offering franchises, ensuring a refined and optimised model from day one.

Mentoring and Training:   Franchise investment provides invaluable mentoring and training, transforming individual knowledge into revenue by offering a proven business blueprint.

Low-Risk Venture:  Franchising offers a low-risk path to success, minimising the uncertainties associated with new ventures.

Camaraderie and Motivation: Franchisees benefit from a sense of camaraderie, working together under a shared brand. This community fosters motivation and support, creating a family of owners who inspire each other.

The Journey: Week one will be at our HQ in Cambridge where you will  cover all aspects of running a care business, whilst most of this will be in the class room, you will also get the opportunity to join some of our care staff on care visits so you witness and understand  for yourself what quality care looks like, training will cover:

  • Operating a care business effectively.
  • What is your market place for your services.
  • How your range of services are right for the market place.
  • Route to market place using the techniques we have developed to keep you  in the public eye.

Week 2 onwards: now the work begins, and you will have the support of your dedicated business development manager, an experienced qualified care manager  who will spend as much time with you as you require, be it weeks or many months we will be by your side  today tomorrow and throughout your Oath Healthcare journey.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for a new and exciting business venture we would love to hear from you. Just fill out the enquiry form below and we will get in touch for an initial chat answer any questions you may have, and take you through the next steps to your Oath Healthcare business ownership.

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