PetStay is a flexible, high quality franchise opportunity, allowing you to run your business from home, providing pet owners with an alternative to dog kennels - you match their pets with a local dog carer.

PetStay Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the PetStay Franchise or have used the PetStay business services in the past.

Having been a vet and finding that this didn't match family life anymore, I had changed over to teaching Animal Management. After doing that for 7 years, the system had changed so much, it was taking over my life and I wanted something that would mean I could put in more or less time, as it suited me and that If I put in more time, I would reap the benefits from it myself. Also, I wanted more job satisfaction and less stress.

I am loving working on my own dog care business and receive so much support from the PetStay office and Carole. It has grown significantly since last year!”

Sophia Guymer, Norfolk Branch

When I read about the PetStay franchise model I thought it sounded perfect for me. So I think the idea had been simmering for a while before things fell into place.

I loved the first few months of setting up PetStay Highland & Moray, starting with training which explained, amongst other things, the best way to find carers and how to market the business. I was surprised at the interest from potential carers from my first few adverts in a couple of local newspapers; we were up and running within a few weeks after carers had received home boarding licences from their local council. I have a lot of repeat customers so the branch keeps growing.

I now have 25 carers and they're as busy as they'd like to be. I speak to my carers regularly which is usually a fun part of the day, as are the dogs that also board with me. No day is ever the same, what could be better?”

Catriona, Highlands and Moray Branch

I have always been passionate about animals, especially dogs so I did a google search on possible careers that I could pursue involving dogs. I found PetStay and knew it was for me. I travelled to Hull and met Carole. After our meeting, I knew I had found a new path to follow. I was given all the training and support I needed to start my new venture.PetStay has not only changed my career but my home life too. I decided to home board myself.

I have two children who are 10 and 8 they are loving having the dogs around the house and we have found ourselves spending more time together as a family out in the fresh air. In the first 6 months I have had my branch I have 5 carers including myself and we have had 45 customers! We have had lots of positive reviews and already have some customers who have had 2 or 3 stays with us already.”

Emma PetStay Durham & Darlington

I've been involved with dogs all my life, in fact, they are my passion. When the opportunity arose to run the PetStay Dorset and Bournemouth branch, it was my dream job. Not only can I spend my day talking about dogs, helping owners and running the business, I can also organise my working hours to do things for myself, whether that be walking my own dogs or doing something with the family. I love owning a business in an area I am passionate about whilst being my own boss.”

Isabelle, PetStay Dorset & Bournemouth

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