Serenity Garden Rooms are designers, manufacturers and installers of bespoke garden rooms. Serenity Groundscrews are suppliers and installers of a cutting edge groundwork methods which saves both money and time.

Serenity Franchise Opportunities

  • An explosion in the home and garden improvement sector.
  • An opportunity to tap into increased demand for beautiful, high quality outdoor living spaces.
  • ‘Staycations’ are on the increase and people are investing in making their home environment a beautiful place to be.
  • Home is where the heart is and we love making dreams come true.
  • The advantage of starting your own business venture straight away with the full training, kit and the tooling required to get going fast.

Serenity Garden Rooms & Serenity Gardenscrews Franchise

About Us

Established in 2015, ‘Serenity Garden Rooms’ design and build high quality, outdoor spaces to suit any size or space combination. We are very proud of our Garden Rooms, the standard of our build quality and realising the dreams of our Clients.

In addition to the design and construction of our Garden Rooms, Serenity also offer an innovative and efficient method of completing preparation and groundwork for any construction project.

‘Serenity Groundscrews’ provide an easy, clean and time efficient method to replace traditional construction preparation and cement-based groundwork. The groundscrew method cuts out the heavy labour of digging and the time taken to prepare each job by more than half! In addition to being part of the build for our garden rooms, ‘Serenity Groundscrews’ can be used for construction projects large, small, heavy or light. Less prep + less time = more profit!

What Makes Us Unique?

Our clients choose us for a variety of reasons. Our design process is fully bespoke. We listen to the full ‘wish list’ of our clients and tailor our designs to maximise their outdoor space, needs and dreams. Our service is personalised and our pricing is inclusive. Our garden rooms are always engineered to the highest standard. As a result, we have received multiple 5-star reviews for both quality and service. Here at Serenity, we create dream garden rooms for clients to enjoy and feel proud of for decades to come.

The Opportunity

You will be running your own ‘Serenity Garden Rooms’ business in your chosen area, creating incredible outdoor spaces efficiently and effectively to maximise profits.

This is a van-based franchise, meaning your home can be the base for your business.

As an alternative franchise opportunity, or to add on, there is the opportunity to run your own ‘Serenity Groundscrews’ business. You can either advise on the number of load bearing screws required and then supply to your clients for their construction projects, or, supply and install the Groundscrews for the client yourself.

Investing in a Serenity franchise means being part of a respected brand. You will have access to our highly experienced Serenity management team. You will receive the training and ongoing technical and business support to be successful. You will have the freedom to run a company without the risk of ‘going it alone’.

What Will You Receive

Training & Support

Franchisees are provided with multi-skilled training, full designs for projects, tooling and a complete build kit to enable a successful installation. You will be supported throughout the life of your franchise.

Marketing Materials

Leads from interested customers in your area will be generated from the head office team and passed onto you. You will also receive marketing support from head office.

Franchise Benefits

  • Operations manual
  • Full training at head office
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Use of the brand and business model
  • A defined territory to trade in
  • Central leads in your area
  • Access to preferential suppliers of materials
  • All tooling and equipment required
  • Liveried van (leased) with the deposit paid
  • Initial Uniforms
  • Marketing materials

“A big thank you to Robbie and his team for building and creating a fantastic office in the garden, created to fit the space we have. I love the space you have designated and built for me and would highly recommend your services to anyone. Your attention to detail and commitment to everything being spot on has been great to experience. Thanks for your ongoing advice and the check in to see everything's good.”

Robbie - St Josephs, Withnell

The ‘Serenity Garden Rooms’ Investment

The initial franchise fee is £20,000 for the first 5 franchisees! (Rising to £30,000 thereafter).
The package fee for your kit, tooling, and liveried van deposit is £20,000.

Up to 100% government led funding is available for the cost of the franchise fee, helping you to get started.

The ‘Serenity Groundscrew’ Investment

The initial franchise fee is £10,000 for the first 5 Franchisees! (rising to £15,000 thereafter).
The Package fee for your tooling and liveried van deposit is £7,500

Up to 100% government led funding is available for the cost of the franchise fee, helping you to get started.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for likeminded individuals who are passionate about what they do and love to please their customers. People who see the value in our brand. People who are interested in building a successful business alongside us. You do not need previous building or installation experience as you will receive expert training from the Serenity Garden Rooms and Serenity Groundscrews team.

Like the idea of running your own garden space business? If you think you would be the perfect ‘Serenity Garden Rooms’ or ‘Serenity Groundscrews’ franchisee, then fill in your details below to receive further information on these exciting opportunities!

Interested in starting a Serenity Garden Rooms & Serenity Gardenscrews Franchise ?

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