Sky High Window Cleaning  Franchise
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Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise

Window Cleaning Franchise

Sky High Window Cleaning is a specialised window cleaning company with opportunities available across the UK. We make it easy to get your business up and running.


Financing Assistance
Yes through the company
Break even in
6-12 months
Window Cleaning
No. Of Outlets
Business Type
Full Time
Available Locations
Opportunities available across the UK
Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise or have used the Sky High Window Cleaning business services in the past.

My experience with Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise has proven to be an excellent choice of career. It is exiting and daunting to be your own boss for the first time but the director of Sky High Window Cleaning, Paul, gives you unconditional support. With Paul’s help, he has guided me to being better in the field while also helping significant with the running of the franchise, making it as smooth as possible. With this support I have been able to continue to enjoy the work while not being under a huge deal of pressure you would experience starting out as your own boss. The work I experience is exciting as the field of window cleaning and other services we provide, is forever growing and with this we meet many new people which for me is rewarding because we provide a top professional service which our customers love.

Rhys - SkyHigh

I started out in SkyHigh Window Cleaning as an employee for Paul in 2021, After spending some time cleaning windows for Paul I was surprised how much I enjoyed it meeting all the customers and I enjoy working by myself as I can just get stuck in. Seeing how well Paul had done for himself and how lucrative this role this could be I started to think could I do this for myself and started conversations with Paul as he had mentioned about franchises before, I didn’t even know what a franchise really was but he explained it all to me and made everything really clear, and said he would always be here to guide me along the way and give me advise with his 16+ years of experience. (This really has helped) It was scary at first taking the risk but I think sometimes especially in business you have to take your shot so I did and I have never looked back, I have picked up many jobs just buying being out working, and by taking pride in my work many of my customers have passed my details of other customers who have approached me to come and clean there windows or clear there gutters. After a year of working for myself as a franchisee, I had a conversation with Paul about the possibility of me buying another franchise so that I could build the business to a much higher level, take on an employee and really start to build this business. So now I am currently just setting up from home making my own water filter system, So I will be fully self sufficient and dependant, but I still have Paul there if I ever have any queries or problems which is brilliant and gives me that extra confidence.

Mark - SkyHigh
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