Licensed trade Stocktaking franchise, providing services to pubs, hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues throughout the UK.

If you’re looking for a future career running your own professional hospitality stocktaking business, then we believe that either Stockcheck, or its sister company Stocktake UK, will be the right choice for your future success.

Stockcheck and Stocktake UK are the leading franchise stocktaking companies. With more than 70 offices throughout the country our reputation and 20 years of stocktaking experience makes the difference between your success and possible failure.

This brochure outlines the excellent franchise opportunities we offer, however what we’d really like to do is meet with you, show you what we can offer, and let you take those first steps to becoming part of one of the UK’s leading stocktaking businesses.

Residential training Course

As part of the initial training, you will attend a 2-week residential course held at the company’s head office and at live client premises in and around the Skipton area.

Training includes:

Stocktaking theory.

Essential in understanding the detail behind the stocktaking process, ensuring you can then impart your knowledge to the client in due course.

Software training.

Our custom systems, developed in-house after many years of experience, are at the cutting edge of technology providing our franchisees with the tools to cope with today’s demanding business environment. Undergoing continual development, regular software updates and releases to ensure our services remain the best available to our franchisees. Delivered by specialist trainers and existing Stock Auditors the course will incorporate classroom theory and live stocktaking at client’s premises.

Live stocktaking.

Your training programme, centres around on-site stocktaking at selected clients during your residential training period, providing the opportunity to put your new skills into practice, but with the backup and support of our trainers.

Franchise operation.

Particularly if you are new to operating your own business, advice and support about how to run your new franchise is an important part of the training you will receive, from VAT returns to writing letters and talking to clients ...

Franchise development and marketing strategy

As part of the franchise package a full marketing action plan forms the basis of our well tried, tested and successful operation.

Throughout the initial stages of your training our marketing team will be working hard to generate new business. Telesales and individual marketing plans provide support throughout the franchise term.

Client databases and Lead generation using the most up to date data, ensures your customer base builds from day 1 and Lasts for the entire franchise term. teamwork really counts!

Your training is only part of the story.

Stockcheck and Stocktake UK’s on-going marketing support and technical development within the stocktaking sector, will provide every opportunity to build on the sound foundation you will establish when you join the team.

Continual software development

The tools you’ll use every day as part of our stocktaking system undergo continual improvements, with additional features being added that will help sell your services to the customer.

Technical support

From computer and technical support to specific stocktaking queries, the support team are always on hand.

Telesales services

Our marketing team will conduct telesales calls to potential clients in your franchise you are left to get on with the important task of running your own business.   National marketing activities, through placed adverts and social media, coupled with extensive Adword campaigns, ensures our brand names are always prominent in the minds of our clients.

“ when I looked into franchising ..... nearly 8 years ago, it was evident right from the start that a franchise with Stockcheck would the best possible way of receiving training and support for a change in my career path. Going self employed is always a daunting prospect, but I need not have worried because with the dedication of the support team, I have never looked back!”

David Cunningham, Stockcheck franchisee-South West

The franchise fees include:

  • A residential training course, (variable dependent on existing experience)
  • Marketing rights to the franchise area
  • Complete equipment list required to carry out all stocktaking assignments
  • Printed business stationery, customised e mail stationery and brand imaging
  • Bespoke stocktaking software developed in-house
  • Invoicing software
  • Telesales services
  • Technical and business support

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