toodle provides hospitality, event, and retail operators an order management ecosystem offering the highest degree of touchless automation for their outlets and venues, so they can reduce costs and enhance their service proposition.

Be a part of the future order management

Work from home and control your lifestyle whilst making an impressive income – the smart way to build a business.

Owning a toodle franchise provides you with an opportunity to earn a six figure income with a business that provides amazing support to help you grow your local or national opportunity.  

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The smart choice for operators of hospitality & retail outlets or venues who wish to maximise operations and enhance the customer experience. 

toodle, time for more.

toodle provides hospitality, event, and retail operators an order management ecosystem all on the mobile phone, offering the highest degree of touchless automation for their outlets and venues, so they can reduce costs and enhance their service proposition.

Why our clients choose us

toodle offers ‘brick and mortar’ operators within hospitality, festivals, events and retail industries, an accelerated and innovative solution to modern day consumer demands, post pandemic problems and business’ balance sheet pressures, in the form of the toodle cloud based & app enabled ecosystem, providing merchants with a capex-free, low opex cost Software as a Service solution.

toodle franchise

toodle streamlines

For hospitality and events, customers order and purchase within the toodle apps, meaning quicker ordering and less visits to table required from the merchants front-line employees, resulting in a more efficient way of servicing more customers with your existing staff compliment.

toodle franchise

toodle is contactless

For retail, the apps enable customers to scan, pay and fast track their exit from the store. Paying via the stored payment card, or Apple Pay or Google Pay ensures less staff handling of cash or contact with payment machines, and also has the added benefit of less queuing in store payment tills.

toodle franchise

toodle is convenient

toodle’s pre-ordering and collection functionality creates not only an added sales channel, but also a more convenient customer experience in the fast paced world we live in today.

toodle franchise

toodle is efficient

A behind the scenes ‘Dashboard Management System’ (The toodle Hub) ensures operational control and data driven management capabilities on handled on standard mobile devices.

What makes us different

Although toodle is a unique and new to market solution, we have worked tirelessly at perfecting our offering and currently have over 40 operational pilots with various merchants across multiple sectors. 

Unlike other order management solutions that are built for a specific sector, toodle has been developed to provide unique solutions to multiple sectors. Our technology and infrastructure allows us to develop the right solution for multi-unit business or business who typically don’t have an available solution. 

  • Businesses who seek access to the rapidly expanding in-store m-commerce trend in retail and hospitality
  • Stores with busy queue times
  • Outdoor venues with roaming serving staff
  • Operators who desire to be a Covid Challenger
  • Operators who see a need to improve their ease of customer payment
  • Owners who realise the power of customer data and having the means to directly target market
  • Owners who wish to lead in their category and/or segment, with a goal to combat competitors or increase market share

toodle franchise

Why a toodle franchise

As this is a Management Franchise, this has a high focus on sales, networking and client relationships. Our team handle all of the set-up, technical support and ongoing integrations. 

Research show that business owners and operators of hospitality and retail outlets with the highest degree of touchless automation in-store, will enjoy a clear competitive advantage. With 53% of global transactions at Point of Sale being contactless within the next 5 years, and customer service speed and transaction safety becoming the top expectation, a new dining and shopping experience is needed.

Our model is built to Franchise and we have developed the Financial Model to scale through this direct sales approach with the right Franchise Partners. Our first key target is 50 Franchisees by the end of 2023 who will generate more new customers but also help their current customers to grow their own sales and increase transaction values.

HIGH SALES RATES - Turnover £300,000+ per year achievable in year 3.

HIGH EARNINGS - Earn over £100,000 per year in year 3.

*A full three-year profit and loss illustration is available for your information once you have decided you are interested in the toodle Franchise.

toodle franchise

Who we are looking for

The ideal toodle franchisee is driven, self-motivated, entrepreneurial and ambitious. Whilst we encourage ideas and innovation, for brand protection it is essential that franchisees are willing to learn and committed to following our processes, and work well with the rest of the team, in order to create their own successes. You do not need previous experience in toodle to join our franchise, as you will receive all the training you need to get setup and running your toodle business successfully.

What’s next?

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