What are the benefits of starting an education franchise?

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For the passionate educator, there are many benefits of starting an education franchise; however, working within this sector can be a double-edged sword.

While you get to do what you love, you’re also constrained by budgets and bureaucracy, which can be incredibly frustrating. Similarly, there are many people who would like to enter the world of education but are put off by low salaries and high expectations.

For these reasons, franchises within the education sector are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we’ll look at just some of the benefits of getting on board with this business model.

How does franchising work?

The franchise model gives individuals the opportunity to go into business for themselves at a relatively low cost while keeping the risk of failure to a minimum.

An individual (the franchisee) will buy into a large and established company (the franchisor) and then build their own branch of the business, with access to the franchisor’s branding, training and support.

The franchisee will secure their business by paying an initial fee to the franchisor and then will also pay a monthly fee based on either sales or profits from their business.

An education franchise allows you to go into business for yourself while providing an incredibly important service to your community.

the benefits of an education franchise

The benefits of starting an education franchise

Franchising in the education sector is popular and for a good reason. There are several benefits to this business model, and some of these are:

Doing what you love – and loving what you do

One of the main benefits of starting an education franchise, for those passionate about teaching, franchising is the best of both worlds. You get to provide outstanding teaching services while working for yourself, free of the constraints of working within a limited environment. Making a good living by doing what you love is one of the most significant benefits offered by the franchising model.

It’s rewarding

As an educator, you have the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. Whether you’re tutoring children or teaching computer skills to seniors, an education franchise allows you to help shape the future of your community – and the country.

In demand

The demand for great tutors is always extremely high in the UK, which means that, as a franchisee, you’ll be able to quickly and easily build up your client base.

A good income

Education franchisees can earn a significant income from their businesses, considerably more than working within mainstream outlets. Not only that, but successful franchisees will often have the opportunity to add to their empire by purchasing further franchises after a certain length of operation within the company.

education franchising

Low costs, high results

Compared to many other franchise opportunities, one of the benefits of starting an education franchise is the start-up costs which are usually very affordable. A Magikats franchise, for example, will cost just £12,500 for the initial investment.

Work from home

Another significant benefit of starting an education franchise is that it can largely be done from home. You’ll generally need a laptop and internet connection to get started, making this an excellent option for those with other responsibilities such as young children or caring for an elderly parent.

Franchisor support

One of the biggest benefits of starting an education franchise is you’ll have access to ongoing, expert support from your franchisor, as well as becoming part of a network of like-minded franchisees. Your franchisor will also offer valuable training resources to help you make sure that your customers are receiving the best possible tuition at all times.

Fast and easy onboarding

The very nature of education franchising means that it’s usually really quick and easy to get started, which means that your business will be up and running and making you money in record time.


Of all the franchise opportunities available to UK residents, education is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding. As well as being lucrative and delivering job satisfaction, education franchises are easy to start, and you don’t always need previous teaching experience.

If you think a teaching franchise may be the right move for you, shop around and always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you know what you’re getting into before signing on the dotted line.

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