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Tubz Brands Franchise

Tubz Brands

Vending Machine

Investment: £4,295
Finance Available
Break Even in 12 months
Training Provided
Established in 2003
Outlets: 300
DOR-2-DOR Franchise

DOR-2-DOR checked


Investment: £7,500
Finance Available
Break Even in 6 months
Training Provided
Established in 1987
Outlets: 70
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Discover Top Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities and Affordable Franchises for Sale

Looking for a cheap, low-cost franchise in the UK to invest in? Want to work for yourself without the high start-up costs? Our low-cost franchise options allow you to do just that.

Embarking on a new business venture in the UK can be an expensive feat. The average cost to set up a fresh enterprise is a whopping £22,000 in the first year alone, a figure that's enough to make many budding entrepreneurs baulk. And this hefty sum doesn't even account for the necessary financial outlays such as marketing and advertising costs. These are crucial investments required to carve out a niche and establish your brand in a competitive marketplace.

However, there's a more budget-friendly path to entrepreneurship available - our low-cost franchises for sale. By choosing one of these affordable franchise opportunities, you can sidestep the substantial initial expenditures typically associated with establishing a new business from scratch.

Investing in a low-cost franchise allows you to leverage an existing, recognised, and trusted business model. You're not just buying into a business; you're buying into a proven system and an established brand. This eliminates the need for spending large amounts on brand building and market positioning, which are usually the main contributors to the high start-up costs.

Moreover, with our low-cost franchises, your overheads are kept to a minimum. This is because most of these franchises operate in sectors where the cost of operations is relatively low, and many can be run from home, reducing the need for renting or buying office space.

In essence, our low-cost franchises for sale provide a more economical route to business ownership, offering the independence of running your own business without the financial strain associated with starting a new enterprise from the ground up. So why wait? Start exploring our range of affordable franchise opportunities today.

Benefits of investing in cheap franchises

Starting on your own can be a daunting proposition. When you choose to start your own business, there is little real-world support available to you to help you navigate the complex processes that being a start-up entails.

But by investing in a franchise, you get all of the benefits of being your own boss, but with the help and support of a great network and mentors who will help you grow your business. As part of a franchise, you are all working towards the same goal, so any advice and support given are always in the best interests of your business.

How to find a low-cost franchise in the UK

At Franchise Local we have a wide range of franchise opportunities listed, and finding the right franchise for you is easy. Whether you are looking for a low-cost franchise that you can start from home or want to find an opportunity that will play to your strengths, itâ's all here. From cleaning to tutoring in languages, you are bound to find an affordable franchise to suit your needs and lifestyle.

What does it cost to invest?

The upfront investment required can vary depending on the specifics of the franchise. However, we offer low-cost franchises for sale starting at less than £1000. This low entry point ensures you can start seeing a return on your investment sooner rather than later, making your entrepreneurial dreams a more achievable reality.

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