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Fast Property Partners

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Investment: £10,997
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Established in 2016
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Best part-time franchise opportunities for your lifestyle

Do you have the “side hustler” mindset and are determined to generate extra income? Are you entrepreneurial and hard-working but also value those stress-free days with family and friends? Likely, you are an ideal candidate for a part-time franchise.

It’s easy to open one with Franchise Local. You can find programmes across many industries that could be operated on the side. So, if you dream of calling the shots but want to start small to retain that elusive work-life balance, browse through the UK’s most sought-after franchises that do not require a full-time commitment.

Part-time franchise opportunities that will surely spark your interest

The flexibility of setting your hours, reduced financial barriers and strong brand recognition are the winning formula for many. For your best part-time franchise, define your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Then, list all programmes that pique your interest as you compare them at Franchise Local. Your dream franchise can bring you to:

  • Pet care. This niche lets you make your childhood dream into a well-paying job. Services like dog walking, grooming and training are easy to provide part-time.
  • Consultancy. Do business coaching, marketing, HR and IT services speak to you? There are many part-time franchises for sale that let you provide strategic advice to those who need it.
  • Tutoring. This may be ideal if you have a skill or talent in a particular subject area. Tutoring programmes imply that you can become a part of a national or international educational company.
  • Nursing & Senior care. Companion care, home health aides or staffing for senior living facilities enable you to do something meaningful as your part-time job.
  • Commercial cleaning. Spotless office spaces are always in demand. As a part-time cleaner, you can help the UK’s entrepreneurs, teams and companies.

Once you have selected the best part-time franchises, learn all you can about them. Go through their disclosure documents, programme requirements and time commitments. Check how long the franchisors have been in business and how successful they are. The more you know, the more confident you can feel in your decision.

Balancing a part-time franchise in the UK with your current job

Going part-time is the right strategy if you are after the rewards of business ownership without giving up your current job. Master some planning and time management techniques, and you can get away from the 9-to-5:

  • Arrange your schedule. Map out how you will allocate time for your job and franchise each week. Figure out the hours for your job, then assess the time needed for your part-time business. Try to keep your workdays consistent to get into a productive routine. 
  • Make the most of off-hours. Use your evenings, weekends and any time outside your main job to devote yourself to your part-time franchise. Responding to customer emails, marketing, accounting and planning can be done at any time. Besides, don’t hesitate to ask your family for help.

Why choose a part-time franchise?

Many potential business owners are put off by the idea of working long hours, not being able to fit in friends and family time and losing control over their work/life balance. Itâ's also a recognised fact that working long hours can cause stress, leading to ill physical and mental health.

Part-time franchises allow you to work in a way that suits you, often choosing your own hours, and also giving you the freedom to work from various locations – so you can find a business type that fits in with your lifestyle.

How much does a part-time franchise cost?

The great thing about part-time franchises is that entry costs are more affordable than their full-time equivalents, so you may require a lower upfront investment, so you wonâ't require as much upfront capital to get your new business up and running.

Many of our listed franchises can be run just by a single business owner, too, so you can avoid the costs and headaches of having to hire and retain staff.

Start a business that fits with your family

One of the benefits of a part-time franchise is that you can choose to run a business that fits in with your family commitments. This means that you can spend more time with your loved ones, save money on childcare costs, and even enjoy longer holidays in some cases.

Many part-time franchises allow complete flexibility over not just when but where you work, so you can even work on the go while juggling other commitments.

What part time franchise is right for me?

We list a range of part time business opportunities, from business coaching, to wedding planning; you are sure to find a part-time business that fits your experience, your personality and above all, your lifestyle.

Part-time franchises for sale bring more leeway into your life. Turn it to your advantage from day one!

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