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Take control of your future. Dublcheck is a unique Franchise opportunity where the initial business turnover is secured for you, by Dublcheck. So you do not require any prior sales experience. Dublcheck also does not restrict Franchisees to specific territories, so once your ... Read More


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What is Dublcheck and what services does it provide?

Dublcheck is a franchise commercial cleaning company founded in 1993 by Carol Stewart-Gill an accomplished entrepreneur. 

The commercial cleaning sector is a massive industry. Dublcheck provides an exciting opportunity for franchisees because the growth and profit potential can be maximized using the experience, knowledge and systems it has developed within this industry.

Dublcheck is now in its 30th year, with over 60 franchisees and has been awarded the title of one of the UK’s fastest growing private companies, according to The Sunday Times and Virgin Fastrack 100.

How does the Dublcheck Commercial cleaning franchise work?

Dublcheck is the franchise where you don’t need to be able to sell.  They obtain all the business for you, so you know exactly what turnover you get.  You can start with the minimum turnover of £20,000 per annum if you want to run your business hands on whilst retaining the security of your current position. Alternatively, you could purchase up to £1/2 Million per annum if you want to run a management business.  

There is no upper limit, you can tailor the business to suit your needs and work-life balance. The variable investment levels offered by Dublcheck allow franchisees the flexibility to run a hands-on business, a partly managed with some hands on, or a wholly managed business, depending on the skills, ambitions and life balance requirements.  

Whatever your background, investing in a Dublcheck Commercial Cleaning Franchise can make you a success.  Dublcheck’ s approved training programme will make you a professional in your field.  Having been in the business of setting people up in the commercial cleaning business for more than 30 years, Dublcheck knows how to deliver.  Not only does their Head Office walk you through a full training course, but also it goes that extra mile and obtains cleaning contracts for you.

What locations can you operate a Dublcheck franchise?

Locations to run Dublcheck franchise are available nationwide.  There is no territory exclusivity, so there is no limit to the growth or scope of your business. 

Why is Dublcheck a good investment? 

Dublcheck is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi – billion-pound industry. 

The Benefits of Dublcheck are:

  • Guaranteed Initial Turnover 
  • Low cost entry
  • Invoicing and cash collection
  • Low overheads – you can operate from home
  • Training and on – going support

The cleaning industry has been proven to be recession and pandemic proof as buildings always require cleaning, even in times of slower economic growth or economic uncertainty. 

Where in the UK is the franchise based?

Dublcheck head office is based in Chester. We have a team with more than 150 years ‘knowledge and experience between them.

What support and training do franchisees receive? 

Franchisees start with an initial in-house training programme of both theory and practical experiences, giving them a thorough understanding of operating their own commercial cleaning business. They receive professional training in health & Safety and employment law , delivered by a specially qualified team who provide thorough knowledge on how to run a successful and safe business.   Additional modular training, which is specifically tailored to meet their needs, is always available. This allows franchisees to jump any hurdles as they continue to grow and expand their business.  

Franchisees are assisted with visibility and branding. These are important not just at contract signing stage but also on a day to day basis whilst travelling in their chosen postcode area.

A mentor is allocated to all new franchisees to support and oversee the establishment of the franchisees business in the first year. The mentor is on hand to answer any questions or advise on operational matters. It is an invaluable support mechanism for any individual entering into a new field.

Whilst the franchisees and sales team are active building a successful Dublcheck turnover, the team behind the scenes at a busy Dublcheck Head Office are producing the customers invoices for the franchisees, providing IT support and operational and technical advice.  They transfer the signed contracts to franchisees in a brick building situation enabling them to build a good relationship with the customer. This enables them to ensure that the cleaners are trained, motivated and supported as other contracts are secured.  The same process is repeated over again until their turnover is achieved. With regular income provided through the monthly contracts there is no need to worry about seasonal trends, the same money comes to the franchisee month after month.

How in-demand is Dublcheck Commercial Cleaning?

With increasing numbers of people in the UK owning a franchise, Dublcheck has the formula for success. Dublcheck is the ideal franchise investment, offering guaranteed turnover and limitless opportunities. 

Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchisee because it is a market that is more robust than others, due to that fact that every building, office, shop needs regular cleaning.

The commercial cleaning industry is practically recession proof and with economic uncertainly ahead of us, the fact that all commercial premises will still need to be cleaned professionally is comforting. 

How can I get started on setting up my own Dublcheck business?

Whatever your background, investing in a Dublcheck franchise can make you a success. Please click the ‘Request Free Information’ button below if you’d like to find out more.

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