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Time For You Franchise

Time For You


Investment: £16,750
Break Even in 1 year
Training Provided
Established in 2001
Outlets: 217
World Options Franchise

World Options

Courier & Delivery

Investment: £35,000
Finance Available
Break Even in 12 - 18 months
Training Provided
Established in 2002
Outlets: 94
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Home-based franchises to start a business without leaving home

Home-based (work from home) franchises are becoming extremely popular with those who wish to start a business without high upfront costs and enjoy the freedom of working from home.

You can finally bring that venture to life without dealing with employees and storefronts. Any home-based franchise in the UK lets you start and operate your business right from your kitchen, patio or anywhere you feel comfortable enough to work. No commuting, no office policies! This franchise model is centred around you and the opportunity to notch up success hands-down.

With franchise programmes ranging from consulting to educational services, tech support and kitchen appliance repairs, you can easily let your passion out in the industry you are well-familiar with or would love to enter. Do you have a knack for helping others sustain their health and reach their fitness goals? Are you good at assisting people in developing websites? Or would you rather make money by connecting customers and amazing brands? 

According to a survey undertaken by the TUC, over 4 million people in the UK have said that they would like to be able to work from home. Are you one of them? Many people dream of running their own business but worry about the upfront costs, finding customers and the solitary nature of starting up without any support.

Nowadays, everything can be done from home as long as you remain self-motivated.

Do business your way with a work-from-home franchise

The first thing that comes to mind when reevaluating an office job in favour of a home-based venture is the freedom of working without rush hours. This is huge for busy people and parents who can now see doctors and do routine chores without asking permission or putting their paycheck on the line for an extra day off.

But you are likely to appreciate other perks, too. Home-based franchise opportunities are synonymous with:

  • Low overheads. Operating from a pillow-surrounded office means higher profits as you don’t have to pay lease or rental fees and have no separate utility bills. This allows you to keep more of the money you make.
  • Tax benefits. A business run from home can imply tax deductions in the UK. Some of your property taxes, mortgage expenses and utilities may be reduced.
  • Easy-to-start venture. Work-from-home franchises never mean you must pay £100,000 upfront. Most opportunities are scalable and can be started for less than £10,000.

Despite the lower costs, these franchises can generate good income. Many franchisees earn £50,000 and more per year.

The advantages of a home-based franchise

One of the best things about many home-based or work-from-home franchises is that they require little upfront and ongoing costs. By running your business from home, you will save on rent, business rates, and equipment costs.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, working from home can also offer you a better lifestyle, as you avoid the stresses of commuting, office politics, and can also choose to work more flexibly, choosing hours that suit you.

For those with children, it can also offer a way to save on childcare costs, as you may have flexibility in choosing your hours to fit around the school run or nursery time.

What type of franchises can I operate from home?

We list a wide range of franchise types that allow you to work from home. From running a team of cleaners from the comfort of your sofa to delivering bookkeeping services to local businesses from your home office, browse our wide list of work-from-home franchise opportunities, and you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Most sought-after work-from-home franchise opportunities

Opportunities come to those who seek them. If you are ready to dive into the world of business and take your first step with the best home-based franchise, check out popular programmes in the following niches:

  • Online tutoring. If you have teaching skills, you can work with students remotely, helping them ace exams and distinguish complex concepts. With a growing demand for virtual education, online tutoring is poised for success.
  • Property management. If you are enthusiastic about managing residential or commercial real estate, property-related home-based franchises are listed here for a reason. Investments start under £5,000.
  • Virtual assistant. This is an ideal role if you have strong organisational and communication skills and would love to provide administrative support to businesses and executives remotely. With no additional requirements, virtual assisting is a popular and profitable home-based venture.

Leaving the cosiness of your armchair to make a living and feel fulfilled is unnecessary. Work-from-home franchise opportunities bring the best of both worlds – home-enhanced comfort and business – to every enthusiast in the UK!

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