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Refresh Renovations Franchise

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Home Improvement

Investment: £20,000
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Established in 2010
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Best home services franchises to buy

Are you tired of your dead-end job with unfair compensation and commuting that makes you question all your life decisions? It’s you who can escape that nightmare. Now may be the best time to do so by switching to a home services franchise in the UK.

The industry that ‘serves the home’ is booming. To join it, you only need a can-do attitude, some start-up financing and firmness of purpose. The rest will be history, and by ‘history,’ we mean the story you will tell your grandkids about how you have built your success.

Considering home services franchises for sale

Have you explored multiple programmes, researched numerous niches and crunched the numbers? The promise of work-life balance and entrepreneurial freedom can be intoxicating. But which option will really live up to your ambitions? 

Here are some of the most top-rated and talked-about home services franchise opportunities that can be your invitation to early retirement and a life of leisure (as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty along the way). 


Historically, this sector has been synonymous with demand-adjusted profitability. Cleaning services are in abundance, from washing windows to scrubbing ovens and mopping floors. People will always need help with the household chores they don’t want to or can’t do themselves. In the UK, nothing can stop the steady stream of customers looking to have their carpets steam-cleaned or their offices tidied up.

Locksmithing and plumbing

Are your manual skills praiseworthy? Start a home services franchise that specialises in locksmithing or plumbing to help unfortunate homeowners who have locked themselves out or have leaky pipes. Just make sure you go in with realistic expectations – it’s not always as glamorous as it seems on TV.

Lawn care and landscaping

Mowing and edging, trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds and building patios and walkways are well worth considering if you like ground-level jobs. Low start-up costs eliminate undesired setbacks in this niche and can lead to entrepreneurial success and a comfortable middle-class lifestyle. If that sounds like you, Franchise Local can connect you with many creators of such home services franchises for sale who would love to train you.

Home improvement

This industry is even more varied than you thought. From full-scale remodelling operations to niche services like cabinet refacing, the home improvement sector can be suitable for anyone who has construction, repairing or interior design skills. Just remember: because people can be particular about their homes, the projects often require coordinating stages, managing messes and troubleshooting issues. 

Benefits and downsides of home services franchises

The upsides of these franchises are many, including:

  • Recession-proof and high-demand services
  • Professional crews provided by the franchisor
  • In-depth training

The downsides are not as significant, but you should be aware of:

  • Having to deal with emergency services
  • High equipment costs
  • Aesthetically unpleasant jobs

If you are looking for a stable, hands-on career and have the skills to handle whatever comes through the pipeline (sometimes literally), home services franchise opportunities may be enriching for you.

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