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B2B Growth Hub Franchise

B2B Growth Hub

Business Consulting

Investment: £30,000
Finance Available
Break Even in Less than 12 months
Training Provided
Established in 2013
Outlets: 3
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Trustist checked

Sales & Marketing

Investment: £29,950
Finance Available
Break Even in 6 months
Training Provided
Established in 2014
Outlets: 12
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Investing your time and finances into a business consulting franchise can help you shape a bright future. A consultancy business involves a business providing services to other companies to support their growth. Generally, business consultancies offer marketing, planning, financial, and strategy services.

A business consultancy is generally utilised by a range of businesses from SMEs to global enterprises. They offer businesses to obtain external advice and guidance while minimising the costs involved in creating an in-house team.

Types of Business Consulting

Business consulting spans across a wide range of sectors to help support the operations and success of a business. We have identified examples of popular business consultants used for external support but SMEs and global businesses.

Business Strategy Consultants

A general business consultant helps to create a strategy that supports a business' development. They provide advice and planning to develop long-term goals. Business strategy consultants can also be specialists within the industry a business client operates.

Financial Consultants

Financial decisions and transactions are part of the daily operations for any business. A financial consultant provides guidance on corporate finance, transactions, risk management, real estate, and more. A financial consultant can also analyse cash flow and identify areas for improvement.

HR Consultants

Human Resources (HR) is an essential discipline in every business. There are certain equality and employment laws that every business has to adhere to across the UK. A HR consultant offers in-depth knowledge and experience in the effective management of employees to protect your business from potential claims. Good employee management also helps retain staff and improve the working environment within the business.

A HR consultant's duties include organising staff training and development, policy development, monitoring employee satisfaction, conflict resolution, and organising employee benefits.

A very important role for an HR consultant is to develop company policies and procedures that adhere to employment laws. This includes ensuring that employment contracts are accurate, monitoring promotions, investigating disputes, creating equality procedures, and ensuring there is a fair dismissal procedure in place at the company.

Sales Consultants

A sales business consultant's main duty is to advise on the sales workflow at a business. Activities include developing business sales strategies, training staff on driving sales, and identifying new opportunities for targeting new customers. Their goal is to improve the current sales processes and rate within a business.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants are often used to attract new customers and raise brand awareness both online and offline. A marketing consultant generally advises on a range of traditional and digital marketing activities. Marketing consultants can be general or specialise in a specific area of marketing. They advise on paid campaigns (PPC), content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), printed brochures, TV advertising, email marketing and more marketing opportunities. They identify what marketing channels are relevant for your business and offer advice on improving your business through these opportunities.

Benefits of Business Consulting

There are many benefits to using business consulting. Hiring an external business consultant can allow a business to utilise an outsider's perspective, from a professional, to help improve their activities and workflow. Business consulting can also offer businesses with limited finances a way of working with a professional without a salary commitment, instead, usually, they have a contract agreed with the consultancy.

Business consultants offer an unbiased perspective allowing management to gain a true picture of their activities. The criticisms and solutions offered by consultants can help business owners or managers to truly evaluate their strategy.

Business consultants are specialists within their field and offer companies access to high-quality advice without the commitment of employee contracts and salaries.

Business consultants support the development of new campaigns and business plans that internal teams may not have considered or find challenging due to limited experience.

Business consultants are experienced in working on projects with tight budgets, they can help provide creative solutions with the aim of increasing brand awareness, improving productivity, and acquiring new customers.

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