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Investing In A Recruitment Franchise

The recruitment industry does a lot for the UK economy and also for the UK employment market. A career in recruitment is fast-paced and attracts a huge range of people from different professional backgrounds and industries. It’s estimated that the recruitment sector is worth £30 billion in the UK, making it a highly profitable and competitive market. In addition, there are over 100,000 people in various types of recruitment roles in the UK today. 

What Industries Do Recruitment Franchises Operate In?

Recruitment franchises operate in a variety of industries. The most common type of recruitment franchise is an agency that usually recruits employees for a specific industry like the care sector, courier and delivery, financial services, for example. 

The prominence of recruitment agencies has grown greatly over the last 10 years, with many industries choosing to outsource their recruitment efforts for various reasons. The recruitment process can be long and time consuming, which is partly why many business franchises are handing this responsibility over to agencies. 

Why Choose To Buy A Recruitment Franchise?

With the trend of companies outsourcing recruitment only set to continue, buying a recruitment franchise now is a fantastic opportunity. Companies are always going to need to recruit - employees come and go often so finding new candidates is something that will always be on a company's radar. 

However, agencies aren’t the only recruitment franchises you can invest in. Recruitment consultancies offer advice and guidance to companies looking to have more control over their recruitment process and are very popular. Some of the recruitment franchises you’ll see on this page, like Additional Resources, offer a combination of both - they are a recruitment agency that also offers support to companies to set up their own recruitment desk in-house. 

How Do I Know If A Recruitment Franchise Is The Right Opportunity For Me?

If you’re unsure about pursuing a recruitment franchise opportunity, there are a few things we recommend you do to help you make your decision. We always suggest doing plenty of research into the industry before making any commitments. If you already understand the industry because you have direct experience working as a recruiter for example, then you’re probably better placed to buy a recruitment franchise due to your industry knowledge. However, experience isn’t everything, as we discuss in our ‘Do You Need Experience To Run A Franchise?’ blog post. 

The recruitment sector can be an extremely rewarding place to work. Matching up people to jobs and seeing your candidates succeed is one of the most responses you’ll get when you ask a recruiter why they love their job. As a recruitment franchise owner, you would be directly contributing to this. If helping others find their dream job is something that appeals to you, then this is a good sign that buying a recruitment franchise could be right for you. 

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