Chrysalis People Solutions – Franchisor Interview

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Marie Piercy founded Chrysalis People Solutions in 2017 but prior to this, she worked in sales management roles in the Leisure industry for 10 years having studied business management at university. Marie then moved into the recruitment industry, where she worked for over 10 years.

Marie says: “The recruitment industry often required you to work long days, 7 days a week which is how you’re taught to be successful. As a mum of two young children, I was desperately missing them growing up so I decided to make it work on my terms and Chrysalis People Solutions was born.

“I’ve worked hard for 5 years to get Chrysalis People Solutions in to a position that can now support others to do the same.”

When Marie started her business she already knew that she would go down the franchise route to expand the Chrysalis People Solutions network of offices.

“I always believed in the franchise model and knew this was how I wanted to grow the business and the Chrysalis People Solutions brand.

“I was, effectively, the first franchisee or pilot franchisee; I worked on the tech/systems/processes from day one in order to create a tried and tested model that worked.”

So how did Marie discover franchising as a means of growing her business?

“I had given it a lot of thought over the last 5 years because I just knew it was the way to grow the business throughout the UK, without having to physically go through the pain of doing it all by myself.

“I spent £15,000 working with recruitment business coaches to grow the business but realised very quickly that this route would take me away from the very reason I show up every day – my family. I was introduced to Cheryl White in 2021 and I spent 6 months with her to get the process in place to be able to franchise the Chrysalis People Solutions business now.

“As working parents, I didn’t want to go through the trauma of growing a national organisation all by myself when I want to have a work-life balance and the ability to put my own children first, whilst creating our own freedom. I am also passionate about giving other working parents the opportunity to do that same.”

Is Marie’s husband included in the running of her franchised business?

“Yes he is, he is our Operations Director”

Has Marie faced many challenges since franchising the Chrysalis People Solutions business?

“The biggest challenge will always be attracting the right calibre of potential franchisee. We have generated ‘some’ interest via LinkedIn but the candidates just weren’t right for the business.

“We have had an enormous ‘high’ though and that was our launch; which was amazing and the feedback we have had, from people within the industry, has been incredible as it’s an unused business model.”

What initial & ongoing training and support do you offer to your franchisees?

  • Onboarding & Induction programme
  • Business planning support
  • Sales & marketing strategy & support
  • 8 week personal branding course
  • Full tech stack – proven business model inc systems and processes
  • 5 star premium brand & 30 years experience
  • Education, self-development, business training
  • 12 week mentoring programme
  • Ongoing support for the life of the franchise

What would your advice be to someone thinking of buying a franchise?

  • Conduct market research & due diligence on the business
  • Speak to other franchisees where possible
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of running a franchise
  • Be passionate about the business you’re going to invest in and ensure you have something to separate you from your competitors
  • Figure out your finances
  • Write a business plan
  • Create a simple sales & marketing strategy
  • Does it get you excited? If so, then maybe you’re ready!

Marie ends by saying that: “We know from running a recruitment business that many people have re-evaluated their personal situation, following the pandemic, and working parents are desperate to keep the work-life balance they’ve been able to create over the last 2 years.

“Most no longer want the hustle and constant guilt of not being there for their family. People are desperate to change the employment sector and find something that can work around their family life and give them the income they desire. We are proof that the Chrysalis People Solutions business model can do just that for the right individuals. We have therefore made the opportunity affordable for working parents who are ready to take action.”

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