DOR-2-DOR Letterbox Marketing announces the launch of 3 new franchisees

3 new dor2dor franchisees
3 new dor2dor franchisees
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The DOR-2-DOR franchise goes from strength to strength with the launch of 3 new franchisees bringing it close 70 UK outlets. We’re halfway to our goal of 150 UK franchisees said Jeff Frankling CEO recently.

New outlets are Folkestone in Kent being operated by Joanne Harding, Bridgend in South Wales being operated by Leighton and Tina Williams and Chichester in Hampshire being operated by Brendan & Johanne Haughey.

DOR-2-DOR specialises in the design, print and distribution of leaflets from local businesses and organisations to local residential households. The company was set up by Jeff and Lynn Frankling in 1987 and originally was promoting local shops and businesses with discount vouchers distributed to local homes in colourful plastic packs by the Royal Mail.

In the early 90’s however many existing clients and through word of mouth many other businesses in the local area were asking if the company could distribute their own leaflets rather than a discount voucher. Jeff Frankling quickly realised that there was a growing opportunity and came up with the unique brand name DOR-2-DOR which is now a trademark used exclusively by the franchise network.

Jeff decided to set up his own distribution capability and move away from using Royal Mail. Advertising locally for adult Post People brought a very strong response and it became clear that there was a growing potential resource of retired and semi-retired people willing potential and available to distribute large volumes of leaflets door to door.

Having developed a robust system for managing and recruiting Post People, DOR-2-DOR started franchising in 2001. Now 16 years later the network has increased to nearly 70 outlets and interest in the business opportunity is strong and growing.

Despite the popularity of the internet and social media marketing door to door is still a very effective and popular marketing channel. Direct Marketing Association research shows that 80% of the top advertisers use door drops and on average leaflets stay in the home for 34 days.

Every home has a letterbox and every new home built gets a letterbox.

Letterbox Clever is their strapline and as they say, DOR-2-DOR leaflet Distribution Works – Shouldn’t it be working for you?