TaxAssist Accountants to benefit from the ‘TaxAssist Practice Engine’

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As new best practice guidance system launched.

The TaxAssist Practice Engine has been developed in collaboration between experts at the TaxAssist Support Centre and a working party of franchisees who all contributed to the system. The guides provide the most efficient uses of technology, smart onboarding processes, effective client experience advice and a range of key performance indicators that allow franchisees to manage and monitor the performance of their accounting practice that suits their style of management.

Mike Melling is a successful TaxAssist Accountants franchisee, who, in his role as Group Commercial Director, has taken the lead on this major initiative to deliver best practices, systems and capabilities to TaxAssist franchisees.

“One of the key reasons to join a franchise network is the shared knowledge that you can tap into to save time, increase profitability and efficiencies and maximise success,” said Mike, who continues to operate a multi-million-pound turnover practice in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

“I am delighted to be leading this project. It is an exciting one for me, with both my franchisee and franchisor hats on, and one I believe will support the best outcomes for franchisees, clients and the brand as a whole.

“A live, breathing system that is constantly being updated, it will be contributed to by the ‘User Voice’ a forum for franchisees and their teams to put forward ideas and examples of what has worked well within their practice.

“As software companies constantly launch new developments of their systems, it’s impossible for everyone to become an expert overnight, but we know there will be team members and franchisees who enjoy exploring any new changes which they can then report back on and quite often validates the decision on whether to adopt this into the practice or wait until the update is more defined.  The collective knowledge of over 1,200 accountants, tax experts, bookkeepers, payroll professionals and other key professionals is quite astonishing and harnessing this for the TaxAssist network is bringing about huge benefits.

“As we continue to grow the TaxAssist brand and roll out new service offerings, ‘The Practice Engine’ is now central to everything we do to accelerate growth and add value to our franchisees’ businesses.”

Mike joined TaxAssist Accountants in 2012, after purchasing a franchise resale covering Harpenden and St Albans – the first £1m+ resale for the network. Pleased with the results he was generating; he bought a second franchise resale covering the High Wycombe and Beaconsfield area in 2015. He and his team of 25 staff now serve nearly 2,000 small businesses, directors and individual clients from six shops and offices, with the combined businesses being one of the largest TaxAssist Accountants practices in the UK. He became the first franchisee to hold an executive role on the board of directors in February 2022.

To meet with Mike and find out more about the TaxAssist Accountants systems and support, request attendance on one of our regular Discovery Days. Call us or submit an enquiry to register your interest.

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