FocalPoint UK Franchise

FocalPoint UK Franchise

Business Coaching Franchise

Become a high-performance executive coach and franchisee with FocalPoint. With our comprehensive training and support programs, you can unlock your full potential and achieve new heights of success.


Comprehensive Certification and Training
Business Coaching
Business Type
Home Based
Full Time or Part Time
Available Locations
UK, Europe and Republic of Ireland
FocalPoint UK Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the FocalPoint UK Franchise or have used the FocalPoint UK business services in the past.

“I have been hooked on Brian Tracy ever since I read his first book! His material is straightforward and applying the concepts achieves immediate results. Over the last 25 years, I have owned several service businesses and experienced firsthand the value of ongoing staff training. I am very results-driven so I knew I wanted to have my own business in training and coaching because continuing education is essential for moving forward.

I enjoy engaging with business owners and I have never been afraid to jump in and roll up my sleeves! I like to create a space for a few hours where people can focus on stimulating their minds. Working with businesses to close more sales and overcome challenges is very rewarding. Seeing my clients grow and achieve their targets motivates me and I have improved my own skills and knowledge in the process.

Adrian, Australia

“The Fast Track to Success program exceeded my expectations. I used what I learned to restructure and realign my company which was a necessity coming out of the pandemic. I am now working with a business coach to build value going forward.”

Mark, Business Owner

I have been very impressed with the FocalPoint system and it works! In establishing my coaching practice, I continued to receive (and still do) support and mentoring from experienced coaches. The ongoing sessions cover the latest updates, product offerings, strategic selling and goal setting. Having a solid network at hand to encourage, educate and challenge me has definitely helped grow my coaching practice. I do feel like the ‘pebble in the pond’ that can make a positive impact in my community and it’s a great feeling.”

Kevin, Canada

“I definitely recommend Strategic Leadership. I applied what I learned about motivating others and we have had an amazing improvement in results. Our team has won the quarterly achievement award for our region!”

Kim, Team Leader

“Understanding our customers better and helping them find solutions is making sales more enjoyable. Thanks to Superior Selling Skills, we are closing more sales!”

Min, Account Executive

“As a business owner and coach, my experience with FocalPoint has been fantastic! Being part of such a rich and diverse community of like-minded, proactive, supportive and driven people has not only made a huge difference in my personal life but also in my business world. The abundance of tools, knowledge, resources, and expertise together with the Brian Tracy name has really provided all the essential ingredients needed to take one’s business and life to a whole new level and standard.

As I say to my clients, the only thing that will determine the level of success you experience is how much you apply what you learn and how far you ‘stick your neck out.’ This is the same advice I would give to anyone interested in joining the FocalPoint community.”

Paul, Middle East

“Most people talk about being super-busy but don’t actually get results. This ‘failure to execute’ is one of the biggest problems in organizations. If you are a manager, this probably sounds familiar to you. After attending the workshop Managing Your Time, our team morale has greatly improved, and we doubled our sales in 3 months!”

Ali, Sales Manager

“I have a passion for personal development and after extensively researching the personal and business development global arena, I chose FocalPoint. I joined for the collaborative team culture and the outstanding resources from Brian Tracy. As an executive coach, business trainer and motivational speaker, I help my clients develop a winning plan. I am dedicated to helping business leaders move into the top 10% of achievers.”

Alexandre, Geneva

“My motto is: Believe and Achieve. I align with the values, goals and professional ethics of Brian Tracy and FocalPoint. It has been a pleasure to meet other coaches from around the world. The high-level training programs are instrumental in helping my clients develop the 3 key business essentials of attitude, knowledge and skills. I recommend this opportunity to anyone committed to continuous learning, coaching and mentoring.”

Darko, Belgrade

“With FocalPoint, I can offer a superior product to my clients and the materials provide flexibility to work in any industry. I coach executives and business owners by combining my own experience and strengths with the business building tools, systems and methodology. I find coaching and mentoring to be very rewarding.”

Pat, Dublin
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