Mathnasium is an International Maths Learning Centre & Tutoring Franchise offering face to face, online as well as in-centre learning. Over 1,000 centres worldwide and expanding rapidly in the UK

Mathnasium Franchise For Sale

Where our story began...

Mathnasium Franchise

In 2002 we had just one Mathnasium centre in Los Angeles, California. Today we have 800+ locations around the world teaching children maths – in a way that makes sense to them - in communities across the globe, providing friendly, local tuition in environments where humanity combines with maths expertise. It’s a great, fun business, but above all – it really works!

Demand: Maths not making sense is a universal problem

Mathnasium Franchise Maths teaches critical thinking skills and problem solving, playing a vital role in general education, future careers and daily life. There are currently more than 9 million students in the U.K. with two-thirds scoring below their year-level in maths. Last year in the UK, parents spent more than £6.5 billion on private or extra-curricular tuition, proving students everywhere need enhanced support with maths at one time or another. Mathnasium firmly believes that any child can be good at maths, most children possess the ability to understand the relationship between numbers. They just need the right instruction – they need to be taught maths in a way that makes sense to them.

The right instruction makes all the difference

Mathnasium Franchise

The strength of the Mathnasium Method™ lies in its individualised approach. As no two students come to us at the same skill level, our approach includes a personal skills assessment designed to tell us where strengths and weaknesses lie for each student. We meet them right where they are and move forward from there.

Support: We want to teach you the business

Mathnasium Franchise You can be successful as a Mathnasium franchisee without an educational or mathematical background. In fact, the professions of our ideal franchisees vary greatly – from engineers and accountants to teachers and homemakers, and everything in between. Mathnasium franchise training is designed to teach you all that you need to know about running a business that deals with maths instruction.

Initial franchise training

Once you sign on as a franchisee, you’ll gain access to more than 50 hours of online training. You’ll also spend time with us in our UK Franchise headquarters where you’ll learn financial planning for your business and take a series of educational courses in the Mathnasium Method™. You will then spend at least a week in one of our UK learning centres, getting to grips with the business in a real-time live environment.

Throughout the life of your franchise agreement, support will be there whenever you need it. From Start-up Specialists (SUS) and Field Business Consultants (FBC) to regional training and annual conventions, you’ll have everything you need to grow and maintain your business.

Ideal candidate

We are now looking for franchisees across the UK who are:

  • Dedicated to the cause of helping improve maths education and building students’ confidence.
  • Ready for a full-time, rewarding career.
  • Wanting to join a growing multi-million pound industry.
  • Looking for a relatively low investment and start-up cost.
  • Looking to make a positive difference in their community.

How does it work?

Mathnasium Franchise One of the great things about Mathnasium is that it is a very simple and comparatively low-cost financial model.

You will operate from small high street premises, and the fit-out and preparation is minimal. We will train you in the best ways to find a location, and our demographic and mapping data will provide you with detailed insights into the viability of your chosen location.  We will train you in marketing, recruiting tutors and running the business, all you have to do is follow our system!

The investment

The franchise fee for Mathnasium is £29,500 (+ VAT) but there will be additional costs associated with preparing and equipping the building, as well as a requirement for some working capital.  Costs will of course vary by location and depending on the size of your centre, but based on previous Mathnasium centres we estimate your total investment (including the franchise fee) will be somewhere between £77,000 and £120,000. 

Can I get finance?

Mathnasium Franchise Yes, the main High Street banks prefer franchises to new-start independent businesses as franchises have a much greater track record of success.  Most banks will lend you between 50% and 70% of the total funding required.  They will of course require you to present them with a business plan showing a detailed financial model for your business, but don’t worry – we will help you prepare this.

Ready to take the next step?

Obviously there is so much more to tell you about the Mathnasium Franchise Opportunity, but as a first step just fill in your details below and we will get our Franchise Information Kit on its way to you.

Interested in starting a Mathnasium Franchise?

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