2022: the year of the educator

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More than ever, prospective franchisees find themselves driven to do more than the bare minimum. Wanting take back control of their professional life is now only one side of the coin, with entrepreneurs impassioned by the possibility of truly making a difference in their local area, and in doing so, having a lasting effect on the lives of the people they serve. This has never been so resonant in the education industry. Many students all over the country have returned to the classroom disheartened, disengaged and out-of-love with education. However, through personalised, bespoke education franchises, these issues are continuing to be addressed. The in-home and online tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, welcomes three new franchisees to its network in its ongoing mission to not only change the trajectory of students’ lives, but to reignite students’ love of learning.

As a brand, Tutor Doctor attracts forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The new franchisee of Tutor Doctor Lancaster Morecambe, Olivia Simpson (as seen in the main picture), is no exception. “A true educationalist”, Olivia began her journey traveling the world, seeing the beneficial impact of bespoke, personalised education and how much it nurtures students’ love of learning. From working on cruise ships to becoming a Lead Class Teacher with King’s Canterbury school in Shenzhen, China, Olivia joins Tutor Doctor to further her own personal mission of ensuring education is adored by children from all backgrounds.

“I’ve had a real taste for just how much students love learning all over the world,” said Olivia. “Receiving quality education is a privilege and it’s something I believe has been widely forgotten in the UK, which is why, after embracing international teaching and learning, my mission has brought me back home. Tutor Doctor’s values align with my own, as they understand that education needs to be personalised to be adored. My goal is to give children the best gift possible by using the plethora of Tutor Doctor’s industry leading resources. The bespoke, tried and tested programmes I have access to as a franchisee will provide that extra boost students need to reap the benefits of academic success that go far beyond good grades.”

Ranvir and Steven Med

Continuing to expand its network across the UK’s Northern regions, Tutor Doctor has also welcomed Ranvir Fennell, franchisee of Tutor Doctor Bradford Huddersfield. Bradford born-and-bred, Ranvir, with the support of her husband, Steven, identified the need to bring personalised and attentive tuition to students in the area. Course leader of IT at Bradford College, Ranvir further aims to become a “root” of the community, using her expertise to give those in need an accessible and trusted education.

“My background in education has given me an insight into the bigger picture of today’s modern learning experience. My mission is to ensure students have access to a well-rounded and enriching education – and to make them feel as though they aren’t just a number. Being a franchisee of Tutor Doctor has given me the chance to step-up in my career – I’ll genuinely be able to make a positive impact on education provision in the community that I’ve been a part of for my whole life. Students deserve to have access to a dedicated provider that truly wants to be a part of their successful personal development,” explained Ranvir.

Neil and Melodie Med

Bringing Tutor Doctor’s services to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and the surrounding areas are Neil and Melodie Watson. With 25 years’ experience as Managing Director of manufacturing companies, Neil decided it was time to apply his business skills to giving back to his community. Meanwhile, Melodie brings with her 22 years of experience in education, working in high schools within pastoral departments. As a Student Welfare Manager, Melodie is aware of the demands on students’ mental health, school pressures and peer pressures as well as their education. Having stumbled across Tutor Doctor at an exhibition in London, Neil saw the perfect opportunity to combine his and Melodie’s experiences.

“As a Student Welfare Manager, I’m attuned to the stresses and struggles that students feel,” explained Melodie. “There are huge benefits for a local personalised tutoring company to provide extra support to local students with their school curriculum. The education we provide with Tutor Doctor will improve young people’s confidence, ability and importantly, their results. Students have so much potential academically and we’re delighted to have that opportunity to help unlock it.”

“As the only Tutor Doctor franchise in the region, we identified the opportunity to bring bespoke and supplementary learning that’ll bring local students’ academic success and enhance their executive functions to carry them through their whole lives. We want to make our mark on education provision. With NTP and tutoring partnerships increasing, we hope Tutor Doctor will become an asset to local schools in the area,” added Neil.

A global franchisor with 750 franchise units operating in 16 countries, Tutor Doctor has been the leading education franchise in the UK since launching here in 2009. Today 83 franchisees support children nationwide to achieve their potential.

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