4 of the biggest advantages to being the first in a new franchise

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Launching a new business is a huge deal. Even when you have an established brand and business model just waiting to go, like you do with the Just Pizza & Pasta franchise, it can still feel like a huge leap of faith. Deciding which concept to invest your hard-earned money in is not an easy decision!

Be our first franchisee to share our success, don’t wait until 5, 10 or even 20 people have gone ahead of you and already succeeded as Just Pizza & Pasta has already proven itself and invested a great deal in developing a really solid franchise model. There are also a great number of advantages in being among the first to join this kind of new franchise, including:

  • A phenomenal level of support from the franchisor while the franchise is growing, you’ll enjoy a lot more focus, attention and support.
  • Your pick of territories opportunities are wide open right across the country
  • Be part of shaping the brand and be an important part of its ongoing success story

The Just Pizza & Pasta franchise might be new on the scene, but everything about this opportunity is built on both a successful business, and decades of expertise and insight.

Now all it needs is talented, entrepreneurial people to take what we have built together and fly with it!

Could that be you?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to get in touch HERE to learn more. We can then take you through exactly how this franchise opportunity could work for you, and the incredible benefits of being first in the door before the rush.

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