Working From Home: 7 Reasons To Buy A Home-Based Franchise

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Starting a business is no longer out of the question, even if you’re raising kids and have so many parental duties to fulfil. Over recent years, millions of people in the UK alone have made a switch to no-office jobs, and this trend has encouraged further searching for work-from-home franchise opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss while wearing pyjamas and handling financial matters sprawled on a sofa?

Now you can get out of the rat race turning the comfort of your home to your advantage.

Whether you’re a regular nine-to-fiver or a parent who is looking for a harmonious balance between raising children and running a business, a work-from-home franchise may be your perfect way to go. It allows you to strike out on your own without disregarding the things that matter to you most. Plus, setting out a home-based franchise business is more affordable and more manageable than an office one.

There are many reasons to buy a home-based franchise as you’ll benefit from all of the advantages of a franchise while also being to work from your own home.
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A work-from-home franchise is a business that doesn’t require any office premises to keep it up and running. As an owner, you can manage it either online or over the phone without direct customer interactions. That entails everything from a flexible schedule to reduced operational costs and no commute, which is a few more hours per day for your private life.

If you’re wondering whether this could be the right option for you, read on and discover the top seven reasons to buy one of the best home-based franchises out there today.

1. Buying Into An Established Brand

The first advantage that we can point out is that you’ll be buying into a well-established brand. This puts you ahead of anyone who is starting up a business on their own. You’ll already benefit from having a recognisable name and a reliable reputation. That gives you the edge over competitors who are starting from scratch.

Of course, this is something that applies to any type of franchise, not just a home-based one. So, let’s look more closely at some of the benefits specific to franchises designed to be run from home.

2. Cheaper To Purchase And Run

Typically, when you’re investing in a home-based franchise as opposed to a location-based, more traditional franchise, you can expect to pay a lower amount as your initial investment. This is ideal for anyone on a tight budget but who wants to experience all of the benefits of running their own business.

There are a number of work-at-home franchises available to buy that allow you to start up for minimum investments as low as just £4,000.

Not only will you be able to benefit from a lower start-up cost, but your ongoing running costs will also probably be lower too. The franchise fees for an at-home operation are generally lower, and marketing capital will usually be less.

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Other one-off overheads will also typically be cheaper – in fact, overall, in terms of operational costs, home-based franchises will almost always be cheaper to keep running.

There’s no need to rent a location, with all of the costs involved with leases and utility bills. You may even find that your at-home franchise is operable with no staff required, which can save a lot of money.

3. Freedom

One of the main reasons that many people consider investing in a home-based franchise is simply because they want the freedom that comes with being able to work on their own terms.

A home-based franchise can often fit around your lifestyle and gives you the ability to organise your life as you wish. This is a luxury that you simply can’t get in a location-based franchise when you have to adhere to operating hours.

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Of course, you need to bear in mind that you are still responsible for your business’ performance. While freedom is a wonderful thing, you have to make sure that you still find time for all your obligations and work-related requirements, or you won’t be able to make your franchise a success.

4. Flexibility

This advantage ties into the benefit above while giving you the flexibility you also have your own freedom. Freedom and flexibility go hand in hand, and together, they’re the most attractive reason for choosing a work-at-home franchise.

When you run a business from your own home, you can choose your own hours and arrange your business-related obligations around the other important things in your life. That means you can still get your work done while accomplishing the other things that matter in your day-to-day existence.

5. Increased Productivity

Although you’ll benefit from increased freedom and flexibility from having a home-based franchise, you can also be a lot more productive.

7 Reasons To Buy A Home Based Franchise

Think about all the time that you’ll be able to save. You won’t have to waste time commuting for a start, and you won’t experience the stress and burnout that so often comes along with having to go to a workplace physically.

While a home-based franchise cannot offer you an entirely stress-free working arrangement, if you like the idea of running a business for yourself and have greater productivity when you’re working independently, a home-based franchise could be the perfect choice for you.

6. More Learning Opportunities

Although ongoing training is supposed to be a feature of modern workplaces, there’s often a lack of explicit learning opportunities available for employees of established companies.

If you work for yourself, however, as a home-based franchise will allow you to do, you can enjoy a positive and varied learning experience that will enable you to not only grow as an entrepreneur but also as a person.

Franchises offer training opportunities for those who make the investment, whether they choose a location-based or at-home opportunity, so you can take advantage of this chance to learn more, advance your skills and broaden your horizons to become even more successful in your operation.

7. Perfect For Parents

Many people who decide that an at-home franchise is right for them are parents who are caring for their young family. Just because you have young children doesn’t mean that your entrepreneurial abilities and talents should be wasted.

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A home-based franchise is an ideal platform that allows stay-at-home mums and dads to explore a range of new avenues, to work towards achieving their business goals and, most importantly, to benefit from a reliable and steady income stream without needing to pay for childcare. A home-based franchise allows parents to work around their childcare responsibilities without any extra expense or hassle.

What work-from-home franchise opportunities to go for?

Before buying a franchise, you better sort out your priorities. First, decide on whether you want it to be a full-time venture or an additional income source. Then figure out how much time you can devote and how much money you can invest in it from the get-go, as taking franchise jobs from a home environment requires initial resources. These preparation steps will help you choose the right business model for your needs.

Depending on the amount of money that you’re ready to invest and your level of expertise, you should also consider whether you can manage all operations yourself, or it’s better to hire employees. Never take on more responsibilities than you can actually handle. Otherwise, you risk losing it all.

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Are you convinced of the benefits of a home-based franchise?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to look into finding one of the best home-based franchise opportunities out there that fits your life and that suits your interests and experience. Once you determine your priorities, compare what franchise opportunities are currently available by the niche.

As of now, the most popular businesses of this type are:

Finding The Best Home-Based Franchise For You

Can’t wait to give your inner entrepreneur a chance to make the grade? With Franchise Local, you can start calling all the shots easier than ever before. Simply browse our range of working-from-home franchise business ideas, consider minimum investment requirements, and choose the opportunity that seems to be your true vocation.

So, start researching today, and you could soon be on your way to a new and fulfilling home-based career.

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