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Tim Hortons has expanded its reach into the UK, bringing its unique brand of coffee, doughnuts, and fast-food items.

Known for its strong community presence and broad menu offerings, Tim Hortons has become a popular destination for those looking for a quick, satisfying bite in a friendly atmosphere. This growth has opened up numerous opportunities for franchisees to join this successful brand.

Let’s explore the brand, from its roots to its growth, and how franchisees can get involved.

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What is Tim Hortons?

Founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Canadian hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade, Tim Hortons has evolved from a single location to a global franchise powerhouse.

The fast-food restaurant provides signature coffee, a wide variety of doughnuts, and an array of quick items. Since its UK launch in 2017 with its first store in Glasgow, Tim Hortons has multiplied, becoming one of the fastest-growing brands in the country.

The Canadian chain now operates 75 stores across the UK and has announced plans to introduce a new franchise model to fuel this growth further.

Breaking Down the Tim Horton UK Franchise Business Model

It’s time to delve into the nuts and bolts of Tim Hortons. Let’s dissect the key ingredients that make this franchise a recipe for success:


A key aspect of Tim Hortons’ success in the UK is its focus on drive-thru outlets.
With drive-thrus making up 75% of its UK network, Tim Hortons has tapped into the growing demand for convenient, on-the-go food and beverage options.

This model has been particularly successful in suburban areas and along commuter routes, catering to the busy lifestyles of UK consumers.

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Menu Adaptation and Localisation

Tim Hortons has carefully adapted its menu for the UK market, blending its iconic Canadian offerings with local UK tastes.

This includes introducing items catering to UK preferences, such as a variety of tea options and local pastry favourites while offering their renowned Canadian coffee and doughnuts.

Strategic Location Selection

Tim Hortons strategically selects locations that maximise visibility and accessibility. This includes siting outlets in high footfall areas such as city centres, busy high streets, and shopping centres, as well as in suburban areas and along major commuter routes.

These locations are chosen to tap into the daily routines of a diverse range of customers, from morning commuters seeking a quick coffee to shoppers looking for a convenient meal option.

Community Involvement and Brand Loyalty

Tim Hortons fosters community involvement by actively participating in local events and initiatives.

This might include sponsoring local sports teams, participating in community fairs, or holding events at their stores.

How to Open a Tim Hortons

To open a Tim Hortons franchise in the UK, potential franchisees should be prepared for a significant investment and thorough planning. The process and costs involved include:

Application Process

Those interested in purchasing a franchise need to apply through the official Tim Hortons website.

This process involves:

  • Business Plan Submission: applicants must submit a detailed business plan showcasing their understanding of the franchise model and how they plan to make the venture successful.
  • Compatibility Assessment: the selection process assesses the applicant’s compatibility with Tim Hortons’ brand values and operational standards. This ensures the alignment of business goals and practices.

Initial Investment: The Tim Hortons Franchise Cost

The total investment required to establish a Tim Hortons franchise in the UK varies significantly, generally ranging from around £300,000 to £1.7 million — a high-budget investment.

This investment covers various expenses, including franchise fees, equipment, furniture, and promotional materials.

Ongoing Costs

Besides the initial investment, franchisees are expected to pay ongoing fees, including royalties, typically about 6% of the monthly gross sales, and a marketing fund fee of around 4%. These fees contribute to the brand’s national marketing efforts and ongoing franchisor support.

Profit Potential: How Much Does a Tim Hortons Franchise Make

While the costs of starting a franchise might be considerable, Tim Hortons franchises have shown potential for profitability. According to reports, average monthly gross sales for certain Tim Hortons franchises are:

  • Average Monthly Gross Sales: Approximately £99,020.
  • Median Monthly Gross Sales: Around £94,341.

Support and Training

Tim Hortons provides extensive training and support for franchisees, which includes assistance in selecting a location, preparing for the launch, marketing campaigns, and ongoing operational support.

Franchisees typically undergo a training program at Tim Hortons’ head office, gaining insights into successfully running a franchise.

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The Tim Hortons Franchise Plan

The franchise plan for Tim Hortons is designed to ensure the success of both the brand and its franchisees. Key elements of this plan include:

#1 Comprehensive Training

New franchisees receive extensive training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to run their franchise successfully.

#2 Operational Support

Franchisees benefit from ongoing active support, including marketing, supply chain management, and business operations, ensuring they can focus on delivering the best customer experience.

#3 Location Strategy

Tim Hortons assists franchisees in selecting the ideal location, considering factors such as foot traffic, community engagement potential, and local market dynamics.

#4 Menu Localisation

Franchisees are provided with a menu that resonates with local tastes while maintaining the classic Tim Hortons offerings, ensuring broad appeal.

#5 Marketing and Brand Support

Franchisees receive strong marketing support to effectively promote their outlet and leverage the brand’s strong identity.

#6 Community Integration

Guidance is provided on how franchisees can integrate into and contribute to their local communities, strengthening the brand’s presence and customer loyalty.

#7 Sustainability Practices

Franchisees are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices in line with Tim Hortons’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Though Tim Hortons is a great franchise, it is likely out of reach for many first-time franchisees. The Tim Hortons franchise UK cost alone puts it in the high-budget category.

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