#6 Best Coffee Franchise Opportunities

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If you’re looking for sure-fire business, look no further than nearby coffee franchise opportunities.

Daily tasks add up. Sometimes, to tackle your day, you need an energy boost. Across Europe, it’s estimated that the average person drinks 5kg of coffee daily.

Simultaneously, franchises are on the up too. This business trend has seen incredible growth. It’s no wonder: franchising eliminates the risks of entrepreneurship. An ideal franchise will allow you to enter a reputable brand with a built-in customer base and utilise its products and intellectual property.

Pairing coffee and franchising is a winning combo. Follow along for all our favourite coffee franchises.

6 Best Coffee Franchise Opportunities

Best Coffee Franchise in the UK

When you think of coffee, you may think of Starbucks or Costa Coffee. While it’s true that these companies are the most reputable, they may not be the best place to start.

Acquiring one of the UK’s most profitable franchises is difficult for a first-time franchisee. These companies want to find those with a strong history who can take on a heavy load. Getting attached is a rigorous process and will likely cost money.

We recommend shifting your focus to a smaller coffee franchise. You’ll be able to start somewhere with similar goals and values and learn about franchising from the ground up.

How to Acquire a Coffee Franchise

Getting a great coffee shop franchise won’t be difficult. Primarily, you’ll want to find a pairing right for you. Explore our franchise directory for great coffee options.

When you find the option you like, reach out to the franchisors. Before you dive in, you must align with your franchise owner, as they will oversee much of the training and hiring process. Take this time to align on values and goals to amplify your passion.

If all seems well, this is the time to move forward. When you receive your franchise agreement, consider running it by a lawyer. The more careful you are, the more success you’ll set yourself up for.

Best Coffee Shop Franchises Opportunities

Let’s cut to the chase: here are the best franchise opportunities. Explore each and find the one most fitting your needs and aspirations.

Floozie Cookies

Minimum Investment – £40,000
If you’re looking for a surefire coffee franchise, look no further than Floozie Cookies. This successful company was established in 2019 and already spans UK and Europe, with options available worldwide.

The business model revolves around both in-person shops and online orders. Floozie Cookies trains newfound franchisees and provides a clean, reputable business front.


Minimum Investment – £15,000
Cafe2U touts itself as the “UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise system.” We believe them!

With over 250 outlets worldwide, this simple, mobile business model allows franchisees a cheap way to start franchising without sacrificing any potential profit.

Triple Two Coffee

Minimum Investment – £25,000
Triple Two Coffee is another rapidly growing franchise, with 22 outlets in just six years. This franchise offers coffee and food, priding itself on its delicious menu.

Picasso’s Desserts

Minimum Investment – £25,000
When opening a coffee business, you must individualise yourself while still catering to the market. Picasso’s Desserts has done just that.

Their coffee shops aim to help creatives by offering a cosy, nourishing atmosphere. Their menu will keep coffee drinkers, and sweet tooths happy with a great blend of drinks and desserts. Potential franchisees can expect to break even within 18 months of purchase.

InHouse Coffee

Minimum Investment – £12,750
InHouse Coffee introduces a new way to do coffee franchising. This brand targets coffee vending machines and offers a low-cost way of getting involved.

Installing an InHouse Coffee machine gives you a hands-off way of doing business. The ease, price, and quality make it an excellent choice for beginners. Their 6-month break-even rate is unbeatable.


Minimum Investment – £25,000
If you’d prefer to be in-store, give Cocoba a look. This reputable company provides business opportunities for those interested in the coffee industry.

This franchise is a good choice with relatively low franchise fees and quality coffee. If you don’t have enough money, consider their financial assistance programs.

Additional Coffee Franchises

You can’t go wrong with our options. Here are a few more selections to look over.

Coffee Mugs on Table

Franchising with Franchise Local

We hope this article has given you the same boost a cup of coffee would. You don’t need to open a Starbucks to find success. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect Cafe and coffee franchise.

If you’re looking for something different, explore our website. We’ll show you business options across the board, from Pets to Photos. Our expert articles will help you learn anything you need to know about franchises.

Jump on franchising while it’s hot. It’s never been easier or more profitable to step into another business.

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