A Rewarding Future Beyond Redundancy

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The COVID 19 pandemic has been tough for many of us and, unfortunately, when companies fail to survive the never-ending restrictions caused by recent lockdowns more people are finding themselves out of work and looking for their next job and opportunity to secure their future.

Many management positions have been made redundant in an attempt to help save businesses which in turn makes it harder to find suitable job opportunities because more people are chasing vacancies.

Maybe there is a more radical option for you. Why not research starting your own business but with a tried and tested franchise model. Franchising simply provides an alternative route into business ownership by allowing you to replicate a business model that has already been proven to be successful.

Franchising after redundancy

Franchising offers an appealing route for those facing job loss or job insecurity, as it provides an opportunity to be your own boss, directly reaping the rewards from the business that reflect the effort and commitment you put into your business. What you put in. The Green Machine Franchise opportunity will never let you feel as though you are on your own, with comprehensive support and structured training you will be supported in your new venture from the first day.

Investing in a franchise like Green Machine gives you access to franchise support centre staff who will provide you with support and advice, as well as providing marketing materials, training, and all the systems and processes needed to replicate that successful business.

Why Green Machine?

Green Machine is a family-owned commercial cleaning company and provides “GREEN” contract cleaning services that are truly environmentally friendly. We are challenging current industry preconceptions and delivering the most service focussed customer experience.

The Green Machine Franchise is a tried and tested business model. With our established brand and business model, and the personal desire, energy, and determination to run a business, you have a winning formula from day one.

We have been working with a BFA (British Franchise Association) affiliated specialist consultant to ensure a prosperous business model. And we are BFA provisional members which means you have the security in knowing the Green Machine franchise agreement meets the BFA’s Code of Ethics. We can demonstrate that our development programme is founded on good franchising practice.

Recurring Income

We only provide B2B commercial cleaning services, and our core business model (income) is made up of 90% contracted customers, so our franchisees will have the financial stability of recurring income every month.

What do others have to say?

“Green Machine have been with us since 2018 and are playing a huge part in helping to transform the cleaning across the entire site. l have recently increased the areas to be cleaned and we will soon have up to eight Green Machine staff on site. Cleaning staff recruitment in this rural area has not been easy in the past and despite being let down themselves Green Machine have always fulfilled their contact and supplied staff when necessary. Both office and cleaning staff are helpful, polite and professional at all times.” 

Terry Pittard – Site Manager, Stanchester Academy

Words of advice

For anyone that has been made redundant, I would say consider franchising. Investing redundancy money in a franchise has been a great choice; you will build your own future and you are in control. Prospective franchisees should remember, however, to be realistic in their business planning and accept that during the start-up phase there will be times when the rewards seem slow in coming. Finally, when you get new customers, focus on customer service above all else.

What is next? 

If you are interested in the Green Machine Franchise opportunity get in touch and book an initial discovery call to discuss your franchise options. The call will typically take no longer than 30 minutes.

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