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In a world where the focus is shifting from external appearances to embracing holistic well-being, fit20 is leading the way as a pioneer of this transformative approach. For over a decade, we’ve championed the cause of true well-being, and now, we invite you to be a part of this incredible revolution!

Recent Trends and Our Vision

In an industry that once fixated on aesthetics, where the negative impact of over- exercising and unhealthy ‘supplements’ were overlooked, education is now concerned with genuine health and wellness. At fit20, we have been at the forefront of this evolution, recognising the significance of a comprehensive approach to fitness that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being for all ages.

Elevate 2023: Shaping the Discourse

Our commitment to this paradigm shift was evident when we showcased our values at Elevate 2023 – a prestigious event in the fitness world. Niri Patel, the Managing Director of fit20 UK, shared insights on a panel discussing ‘Longevity, Preventative Health, and the Silver Economy’. Joined by esteemed experts, including Sir Muir Gray CBE FRCPSGlas FCLIP, Steve Powell, Edwina Brocklesby, and Dr Lou Atkinson, PhD, we highlighted exercise’s role in the well-being of ageing populations.

Join The Wellness Revolution with fit20

As we navigate this pivotal shift, fit20 welcomes you to be a part of our forward-looking family. Our franchise opportunity goes beyond fitness; it’s about fostering wellness, community, and positive impact. With over a decade of leading change, we are well-equipped to guide you on this rewarding journey.

By embracing the power of exercise and wellness we’re shaping a healthier, happier future. The time is now to join fit20 and make a difference that resonates far beyond the studio walls.

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It may be no surprise then that we are also bucking the trend when it comes to business growth in the fitness industry; in a world where nearly 20% of businesses don’t make it through their first year and just about half survive five years, fit20 studios are thriving.

Last month we celebrated fit20 Norwich Hellesdon being in business for 5 years, and fit20 Edinburgh South Gyle celebrated their one year anniversary. Two more fit20 studios are due to open their doors in the coming weeks and we are delighted that the people of Solihull and Halifax will be able to access the life-enhancing benefits of fit20 training.

Prime UK territories are being snapped up. Take the first step towards your fit20 franchise journey.

Book an introductory meeting with us.

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