CareYourWay Launches Inspiring Franchisee in Slough

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CareYourWay proudly announces the signing and launch of a dedicated franchisee in the Slough region as of April 9th. Led by visionary sisters, one of whom is visually impaired, this franchise symbolizes resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Focused on providing specialized support to all vulnerable adults, particularly those suffering with visual impairment, the journey for CareYourWay Slough so far has been nothing short of inspiring.

Harpreet and Ashdeep Mann, who are both immensely passionate about providing a high-quality care service to their local communities, have now created an event roadshow for the Slough area, coming to the different areas to hold local events for their community as they kickstart the success of their home care business.

Sarah Sabater, CEO of CareYourWay, shared, “Witnessing the launch of CareYourWay Slough was truly uplifting. Their journey is a testament to resilience and determination, and I am confident that their dedication will lead to the establishment of a reputable, high-quality home care business, providing exceptional service to the local community. Ashdeep, who bravely faces visual impairment herself, and her sister Harpreet, the Managing Director, have collaborated tirelessly to create a service of unparalleled quality. Their emphasis on excellence and their commitment to addressing the needs of individuals with visual impairment is both admirable and inspiring.”

Poised to make a significant difference in their local community, the Mann sisters strive to make a difference in their local area.

The new franchise opens as CareYourWay marks a significant milestone in its own franchising journey, with its very first franchisee achieving a remarkable £1,000,000 turnover in less than 12 months of trading.

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