DOR-2-DOR Spreads The Festive Word

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DOR-2-DOR has been outlining how its unique door drop leaflet service can help businesses drum up extra orders in the run-up to Christmas.

As Christmas draws closer and closer, most of the UK’s companies are putting their final marketing plans into action to make sure they’re able to capture as many of the UK’s festive shoppers as possible.

Marketing franchise Dor-2-Dor has been showing how its print-based and door drop marketing service can help businesses get ahead of the competitors this December. First, they explained how there are lots more people in shopping centres over the course of the month, as even the most shop-phobic consumers pop out to grab gifts for their loved ones. This means that companies looking to market themselves can choose specific, high-footfall areas to display leaflets to make sure they’re getting the best possible reach.

It also revealed that leaflets give you the chance to reach a customer more than once, as the average recipient keeps a leaflet in their home for 38 days before popping it in the recycling. This means that your business could be getting glance after glance from a potential customer’s fridge if you opt for leaflet marketing, persuading them to give your business a chance. Compared with social media, where potential customers scroll past your advert in seconds, you’ve got a much better chance of gaining traction in your target audience’s mind.

Finally, it outlined how discounts dropping through the letterbox can really encourage customers to act, more so than if they need to print a voucher off or remember to download something in order to access a discount.

DOR-2-DOR’s professional leaflets can help to attract new clients around Christmas, as 30 years of experience have taught the franchise a thing or two about producing incredible, eye-catching marketing collateral.

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