Dream Clean Ovens – Franchisor Interview

Reading Time: 3 minutesFor this Franchise Interview, we spoke with Nick Lambert the franchisor of Dream Clean ovens, to get a deeper insight into what makes the business a great option to choose.

Dream Clean Ovens was founded by Nick Lambert and his wife Sue in January 2016. Nick has brought his lifetime of experience and knowledge in business to create this dynamic and rapidly growing oven cleaning company.

How is Dream Clean Ovens different from other similar franchises in the UK?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have become very successful in a short period of time and we want to pass that success onto our franchisee’s which is why we are offering a larger area for less investment, and then they have the chance to become a Multivan business also at no extra cost, as we take a set management fee each month rather than a percentage of their earnings. So the more they earn, the more they keep.

We have also noticed that since starting although we have many oven cleaners around us including the major nationwide ones, they have not been any competition to us, as our model speaks for itself and our branding and way of advertising really does put us above all the others.

What is your biggest achievement at Dream Clean Ovens so far?

The biggest achievement so far must be the fact that the business has been going from strength to strength from the day we finished our training, to the point we now have thousands of customers with a repeat clean rate of about 80%. The only customers we lose after cleaning their ovens are those that are moving further away or were in rented accommodation.

What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?

The best feedback has to be from the customers, the fact that they love the end result of an oven that looks brand new, and also the fact that the whole cleaning process is smoke-free, no smells, and no disruption to the customer. All this is down to the fact that we are 100% Eco-friendly, so no harsh chemicals are used, which are better for the environment but also better for the ovens and hobs and extractors. Advertising this fact really does bring in the customers.

Why would you recommend Dream Clean Ovens to people wanting to open a franchise?

We are the new fresh franchise that is there to see their Franchisees succeed. We are all about them which is why we are there 24/7 if they need us. Also, the franchisee should be mobile and earning immediately after the weeks training and there is no reason why they shouldn’t have made their investment back within the first 9 months of business.

What qualities does the ideal franchisee possess?

Our ideal franchisee’s need to be hard-working, great timekeepers and reply to customers in a timely manner. They need to be proactive, able to arrange their days in such a way that they can benefit a good work to life balance and they must be able to follow a proven method of working.

How long does the process of starting a Dream Clean Ovens franchise take? 

This all varies depending on each individual applicant, We have Natwest and HSBC waiting for our call to help those who are creditworthy that need help with the joining fee. That process doesn’t need to take any longer than a week as long as the applicant gives them all the details they need in a timely manner.

Then from the point of contracts being signed to the franchisee being out earning, really depends on the franchisee. There really is no reason why it should take any longer than 4 weeks.

How much support and training is offered to your franchisees?

Our Franchisee’s initially come down to Head Office for a 1 week on the job training. This involves going into customers houses and learning how to professionally strip and clean all makes of ovens. This process also shows the franchisee how our customers react at the end of the clean. During this week they are also shown how to do their paperwork and spreadsheets for their accountant’s and we also show them our latest initiatives on how we find the jobs.

We are then available 24/7 for them to answer any technical queries or to arrange extra training should they feel they need it.

In what ways do you help Dream Clean Ovens franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?

Because we are a family run-business we realise that family life is just as important. So we have designed a proven training model, that will allow the franchisee as much time with the family as they spend working. And luckily this is the kind of business that you can fit the jobs in around other things you might have going on.

Is there anything you would like to add? 

Because we want our franchisees to succeed we have 2 investment levels. Details of this can be found on our profile page by clicking the yellow button below.

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