Finding your dream home abroad with the help of BeckettHanlon

Fresh from the bakery to helping you find your dream home abroad.

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Reading Time: 2 minutesHaving spent over 30 years employed in management roles in the fast moving bakery and dairy industry in Ireland, I found myself asking the question “Now that I am 53, and if I had the choice, what industry would I really like to work in?”.

Strangely enough the answer came very quickly to me. My first passion is salmon fishing but instantly knew that I would be very hard pressed to earn a living at this pastime!!!

My other great interest is watching overseas property programmes. When time allowed, I found myself glued to the numerous TV channels that are now available to us. I really enjoyed seeing the presenters taking their clients to beautiful developments on the Costas, Portugal, France, etc, and found myself becoming jealous of how they made their living.

I have been a sales person all my life and began wondering how I could still incorporate what I love doing with something that I had grown to have an ever-increasing passion for – overseas property.

It was now that I began to question myself: is this was the right time to be looking at entering this sector? I was aware that this industry had gained quite a questionable reputation, especially during the boom years, when unscrupulous developers had left clients in serious financial difficulties with what can only be called dodgy deals.

It was then that I came across Drew Beckett and his company, BeckettHanlon Overseas Property Ltd. While scrolling through his website and especially listening to the numerous industry people who spoke about Drew, I could see that this was a person who above all ensured that any client who bought a property through his company, was buying safely.

I then arranged to meet with Drew, and from that initial meeting I knew that he himself and his company, was where I wanted to begin my new career in International Property Sales.

Everything about Drew and BeckettHanlon is geared towards ensuring that our clients get the right property for them. We take our customers from the initial consultation, through the buying process to arranging a mortgage, if required, with our mortgage partners to dealing with all the legal aspects of buying your dream home abroad, to even sourcing furniture for their new home.

We can accompany our clients to view their new overseas property and meet the developers on site if they so wish. We give them what we call the “BeckettHanlon Experience”

To conclude I would like to say just how much I am enjoying my new role as a partner in BeckettHanlon. I get huge satisfaction from seeing the pleasure that a client gets when we at BeckettHanlon secure their overseas dream property and knowing that they have bought their property – safely. I would be only too delighted to help you find your dream property overseas also.

Finally, if you are interested in a Worldwide Property Franchise with BeckettHanlon you can find out more here.

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